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Sandwiches downtown PDX

I am not a huge sandwich fan, but I've had a couple of sandwiches recently at Grand Central that I thought were fabulous! I actually now crave them, but, alas, I work downtown and there is no Grand Central there. I've tried Great Harvest, not so great, Elephant's, and Cafe Voila. I really like Veganopolis' sandwiches as well! Any other recommendations for good sandwich spots downtown for lunch? Much appreciated!

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  1. Mother's makes a great chopped liver sandwich on challah. I crave it from time to time, but limit myself to one or two a year. Her chopped liver is very similar to the stuff my mom used to make.

    Some of the best sandwiches I've had in town are from Viande at City Market...which I am sorry to say is not downtown.

    1. Try Valentine's betw. 2d and 3d on SW Ankeny

      1. Try MorningStar Cafe, 510 SW Third -- www.morningstarcafe.com. Excellent sandwiches. I like all of the vegetarian sandwiches, but the Sophie's Special is my favorite. The Looney Tuna is outstanding as well.

        1. Thanks! Never heard of Valentine's or MorningStar - so will try them both. I like Mother's a lot, but it's a little too expensive for every day lunches, and quite crowded. Looking for more of a quick to-go lunch place. Thanks everyone!

          1. If you're willing to go a few blocks north of Burnside, I like the panini (sopressata is my fav) at Mio Gelato or the inexpensive sandwiches (roasted eggplant is my choice) at Pearl Bakery.

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              I love the bread and pastries at Pearl, but never considered it for a sandwich spot. Yum! It's a bit of a hike from my office, but should be worth it. I've also thought about Whole Foods, also a bit of a hike, but lots of options.

            2. I have had the sandwiches at Morningstar and they are good. Forgot about them, actually. I like "the sandwich" and the "basil bob" best (w/out onions, personally). If I remember now, they come with a few carrot sticks and a small amount of potato chips.


              1. Anyone have an opinion on Ford's on 5th? It seems promising -- good variety in the menu, and open late...

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                  I thought Ford's is just burgers and fries. What else is on the menu?

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                    They had a pretty wide variety of hot and cold subs.

                    Here's a review:


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                    Fords is just 'okay' IMHO.

                    I prefer the sandwiches next door at 3-lions-bakery, though. One colleague said that 3-lions is "froofy-food" (i.e. they put fresh vegetables like sprouts on their sandwiches) while Fords is "non-froofy" (i.e. bread, meat, cheese, and at most - a tomato)

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                      I've actually always wondered about Three Lions. I never hear any talk about it, so I assumed that it wasn't any good. I guess I'll add it to my list of places to check out. Thanks!

                  3. Ford's is worthwhile. It can be slow for no clear reason sometimes, however.

                    1. There's a new little place looking like it's getting set to open called Loaf and Ladle, I believe. Anyone know anything about this place? Chain, local, owners, etc.?

                      1. 3 Lions is a pathetic shadow of its former self. 15-20 years ago it was Portland's best bakery. Gone through several owners, they really don't have much of a clue these days.

                        1. I have a soft spot for the "Spicy" (salami, ham, provolone, red onion, lettuce w/italian dressing) at Geraldi's on 4th. In colder weather, a like the "Torpedo" (pepperoni, sliced hot italian beef, provolone) both on soft sub bread (the later, toasted).

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                            Re: Geraldi's - what's the cross street?

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                              It's between Washington and Alder on the East side of SW 4th.

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                              I think Geraldi's is just good compared to the lack of truly good NY style sandwich shops in Portland. But I've always liked their veggie sandwich (close your mouth, yes I do eat vegetables not just BBQ and pastrami) with pesto, artichoke hearts, and feta. I've never been to that location, though.

                            3. Not sure the exact name, but something like Martinotti's, a block or two down 10th Ave south of Powells. They have a standard italian sandwich that is to die for. Haven't been there in a while, so I'm not even sure if it's still open, but that sandwich is a gem!