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Jul 28, 2006 02:19 PM

Dairy Queen Discussion [Split from McDonalds thread]

Not to hijack the thread but are the cones that different from DQ to DQ? Is it some kind of regional thing?

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  1. Aside from the distinction between the DQ "treat shops" which only serve "treats," sloppy joes, and hot dogs and the DQ "Brazier" restaurants, which also serve burgers and fries, etc., the DQ's are pretty much the same. DQ doesn't have a huge presence everywhere, though. They are relatively few and far between on the West Coast, for instance.


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      Wait! A fast food place that serves sloppy joes? Oh, why, oh why don't I live near a DQ? I would be so happy!

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        Reply to CHaddict (I don't see a reply option in the corner of your post--must have reached the nesting limit in this thread)

        RE: sloppy joe's: Well, I just went to International Dairy Queen's website and had a peek at their menu and they do NOT list the sloppy joes. I don't know if that means that the menus are regional or what. I do know the Dairy Queens in the upper midwest have them, but, to be honest, I usally get a chocolate dipped cone at DQ and scram, so I haven't looked for it on every menu. The sloppy joe is more sloppy, than joe, that is, it's light on the ground beef and heavy on the sweetened tomato sauce.

        They aren't in every neighborhood, but there are DQ's in the SF Bay Area. (Just ask yimster, whose son named me.) Here's a link to the restaurant finder if you want to see if one near you serves sloppy joe's.


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          Thanks, TDQ! The first thing I did when I saw the sloppy joe mention was go to DQ's website. Just as you say, sloppy joes weren't mentioned. Le sigh! The DQs in the Bay Area are quite far from SF (esp. without a car) but at least I now know we have some and will make a stop if I am ever in the vicinity. I don't know why I loved sloppy joes so much. Must be a childhood thing. Slightly aside: Martha Stewart has a great recipe for sloppy joes on her website.

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            You could take Bart directly to the Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno if you really wanted to.

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          There's a Dairy Queen in an old bank on the main stree in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm not a great DQ fan, but it served in a pinch when I had fast food cravings. A visiting American friend said the Blizzards were exactly the same as in te US.

        3. DQ is all over the place here in the northeast however, only the frozen treats. I've never seen a store which sells meals.

          1. There are a few in Massachusetts that sell savory food in addition to the sweets...there's one on Rte 28 on Cape Cod. And there are a few in the central MA area.

            1. In Florida we have both Treats and Brazier DQs. I also had a regular DQ that served hot dogs, w/ or w/o cheese slices and chili.

              I think I had a chicken sandwich from there once. Sometimes it's just what you're craving -- salty, greasy, generally good for fast, fattening food. (IOW, I lived on their cheese dogs when pregnant. :-P)

              1. Anyone try their dogs? Any good?

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                  Dairy Queens in Oregon seem to be a small town phenomenom. I prefer there burgers over the chains. One of the ones I stop by occassionally has a foot-long Coney that's not half bad. The dogs are pretty standard though - probably Armour or the like.