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Dairy Queen Discussion [Split from McDonalds thread]

Not to hijack the thread but are the cones that different from DQ to DQ? Is it some kind of regional thing?

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  1. Aside from the distinction between the DQ "treat shops" which only serve "treats," sloppy joes, and hot dogs and the DQ "Brazier" restaurants, which also serve burgers and fries, etc., the DQ's are pretty much the same. DQ doesn't have a huge presence everywhere, though. They are relatively few and far between on the West Coast, for instance.


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      Wait! A fast food place that serves sloppy joes? Oh, why, oh why don't I live near a DQ? I would be so happy!

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        Reply to CHaddict (I don't see a reply option in the corner of your post--must have reached the nesting limit in this thread)

        RE: sloppy joe's: Well, I just went to International Dairy Queen's website and had a peek at their menu and they do NOT list the sloppy joes. I don't know if that means that the menus are regional or what. I do know the Dairy Queens in the upper midwest have them, but, to be honest, I usally get a chocolate dipped cone at DQ and scram, so I haven't looked for it on every menu. The sloppy joe is more sloppy, than joe, that is, it's light on the ground beef and heavy on the sweetened tomato sauce.

        They aren't in every neighborhood, but there are DQ's in the SF Bay Area. (Just ask yimster, whose son named me.) Here's a link to the restaurant finder if you want to see if one near you serves sloppy joe's.



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          Thanks, TDQ! The first thing I did when I saw the sloppy joe mention was go to DQ's website. Just as you say, sloppy joes weren't mentioned. Le sigh! The DQs in the Bay Area are quite far from SF (esp. without a car) but at least I now know we have some and will make a stop if I am ever in the vicinity. I don't know why I loved sloppy joes so much. Must be a childhood thing. Slightly aside: Martha Stewart has a great recipe for sloppy joes on her website.

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            You could take Bart directly to the Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno if you really wanted to.

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          There's a Dairy Queen in an old bank on the main stree in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm not a great DQ fan, but it served in a pinch when I had fast food cravings. A visiting American friend said the Blizzards were exactly the same as in te US.

        3. DQ is all over the place here in the northeast however, only the frozen treats. I've never seen a store which sells meals.

          1. There are a few in Massachusetts that sell savory food in addition to the sweets...there's one on Rte 28 on Cape Cod. And there are a few in the central MA area.

            1. In Florida we have both Treats and Brazier DQs. I also had a regular DQ that served hot dogs, w/ or w/o cheese slices and chili.

              I think I had a chicken sandwich from there once. Sometimes it's just what you're craving -- salty, greasy, generally good for fast, fattening food. (IOW, I lived on their cheese dogs when pregnant. :-P)

              1. Anyone try their dogs? Any good?

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                  Dairy Queens in Oregon seem to be a small town phenomenom. I prefer there burgers over the chains. One of the ones I stop by occassionally has a foot-long Coney that's not half bad. The dogs are pretty standard though - probably Armour or the like.

                2. There are a couple of DQ in the Peninsula. Still glad you still enjoy the handle. I will tell my son. He reads and post on the board. But never ID himself as my son.

                  His greatest fear is this answer "go ask you Father", you know sons believe their Dad's do not know anything.

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                    Hey, yimster. I didn't see your post until just now, even though you posted it months ago...Yes, say hi to your son. :)

                    Here in Minnesota, Dairy Queens are everywhere, it seems. Certainly every small town has one, as do most residential neighborhoods in the cities. Many DQ's are closed for the winter. :(


                  2. Slightly tangential to this thread, but still Dairy Queen. My question is, what exactly is in blizzard X. There are certain blizzards that I like, but I do not know what other ones to try as I'm not sure what is in them. Most DQs just list the names and I couldn't find any info on th DQ website.

                    So for example, what is in Banana Split Blizzard, Banana Cream Pie blizzard, etc? Is this info available?

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                      I own a DQ treat store in Suburban Philly. Blizzard ingredients are not a secret. Please ask and we're happy to tell what's in them!

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                        haha OK thanks Andy! I wonder if I've been to your shop!

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                          Why do we have to ask? Why can't you have it listed on the boards or at least on the webpage? I wrote to DQ asking them for the ingredients in their various Blizzards and they sent me back a link for the nutritional content! I wrote back and told them I didn't want that but wanted a list of what goes in to each Blizzard and they never wrote back.

                          I go to DQ through the drive-through and I don't want to hold up the line while I try to ask - over the less-than clear intercom - what is in each and every Blizzard! DQ needs to get a clue and just put the info out there!!!!!!!

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                            Ingredient information is on the website.


                            Click the little "nutrition calculator" flag, find the item and click "create". It's a bit slow going (yes, they should have it in a more easily accessed medium), but you can still find all ingredients this way.

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                          I'm more of a soft-serve cone gal myself, so I'm not an expert on Blizzards, but I'd describe them as "ice cream with mix-ins"--blizzards aren't quite soft enough to be a shake. You have to eat them with a spoon.


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                            I'm a Dilly Bar fan. When you go DQs International Headquarters which houses IDQ and other businesses you have to wait to be escorted, wherever you are headed. They have a freezer of Dilly Bars and you are always asked if you'd like one. One? May I have a dozen to go, please?

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                              I miss the Dilly Bars of my youth when they were made at each store and then put into the paper wrapper. They used to make their own Bustrr Bars too. They were bigger in the old days.

                        3. Lots of Dairy Queens throughout Texas.Practically every town must have one.Haven't eaten in one in a while,so I'm not sure on the blizzards deal.They do have pretty good tacos,bought them many times over the years.

                          1. If you're traveling through Texas, not familiar with Dairy Queen and consider stopping at one for anything other than beverages, DON'T DO IT!!! I've lived in Texas all my life and have eaten at DQs by necessity many times. It has never been good and it has often been awful. Don't know what the problem is, but they can screw up a simple hamburger.

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                              If you're in Texas then you should hunt out a Braum's.

                            2. The best thing about DQ is the wonderful "cocoa fudge" topping. I can't get anything like it anywhere else.

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                                Oooooo.... That's sounds good. I love cocoa. I love fudge. What's not to love about a cocoa fudge topping????

                                Is this something that they dip the cones in, or is a sundae kind of thing?? Tell me more...

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                                  I've only had it on sundaes, I think it would drip too much on a cone. It has a slightly powdery/oily texture, presumably from the cocoa. As one would expect, it's thicker than a regular chocolate sauce. The contrasting tastes of cocoa and fudge make, in my opinion, a great mix.

                              2. just to add my two cents: i worked at DQ for the summer...lol i kinda got the job on a dare. it was a horrible job just because the managers/owners were so bad, so perhaps it jaded my opinion about the food (we had to bring our own silverware if we wanted to eat because they didnt want use to use the plastic ones to save on costs (!) forget about any kind of discount on food. at 5.50 an hour, it took our whole paycheck if we wanted to eat lunch, cause there is no dollar menu here! but about the food:

                                the burgers arent really made "fresh to order." usually, the grill boy would grill up a whole bunch of frozen patties in advance and put them all in a pan where they sat in their own juices until ordered. then they were simply reheated on the grill and slapped on a bun. lol forget about medium rare!

                                Fries were cooked to order. Not bad, but they werent spectacular or even particually memorable.

                                Hot dogs: all beef. they have regular and footlong. i believe the only the foot long were beef.

                                chili: pretty bad. very greasy, a little heat, mostly just crap though

                                chicken sandwhich: decent, athough breading was a little thick on the fried. Had grilled and fried. those were cooked to order. (Hint: everything that is fried is cooked to order)

                                chicken finger basket: best thing on the "real food" menu. everyone ordered them all the time. gravy came with the chicken fingers as well as some yummy texas toast buttered and pressed on a panani like machine. AND dont forget the fries. those came too. Nothing special, but it was 1,000 calorie goodness.

                                They dont have sloppy joes, but at my DQ we did have BBQ beef sandwhiches. dont get all excited these were absolutely disgusting. Seriously gross. I worked there all summer and i only saw one person ever order it. lol most of us were even aware we had one on the menu. Every night I would scoop up that tomatoey glop and store it in the refridgerator to be set out agian the next day. who knows how long that stuff had sat out day after day.

                                fish sandwhich: yeah we had em. nothing special.

                                Now, the desesrts. that is different. pretty good. the only thing is that the shake sizes are pretty small and the prices are kinda high. blizzards are thicker therefore worth your money, i just remember people ordering medium shakes and getting these 12oz cups and looking awfully disappointed (dont start lecturing me on increasing portion sizes. when people are used to a at least a 16 oz being a medium, 12 oz is still a disappointment, especially when its not any cheaper).

                                the browie earthquake was pretty good. hot fudge, prepackaged brownies that smelled heavenly (we snuck some whenver we could) soft serve, whip cream and crushed oreo peices. all those are good alone, so its great together

                                blizzard: basically all it is is soft serve (think mcdonalds ice cream) with candy mixed in. my fav combo was caramel, hot fudge, crushed oreo and butterscotch coating that when it mixed in instantly hardened (think magic shell ice cream topping). when mixed they basically became thin shavings of butterscotch. trust me, we made up all sorts of weird combos out of sheer bordemn. everyone loved the brownie batter, but for some stupid reason DQ discontinued it...people got awfully upset about that one. cheesecake is another popular one, but just so you know we hated making that one. the cheesecake clumped up easily when it thawed making it hard to scoop out and when frozen were difficult to mix.

                                The stawberry topping though is divine! super sugary with real chunks of sugar soaked strawberries, i could drink that stuff straight!

                                Their pecans are yummy! They are roasted and salted before hand so they are pretty good

                                for you nostalgic people, they have blueberry, raspberry, and cherry syrup. They also have a marshmallow topping as well as butter pecan (basically caramel sauce with pecan mixed in) DQ is good for making different types of sundaes or shakes (marshmallow, hot fudge shake anyone?).

                                If you have any other DQ questions, feel free to ask!

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                                  asiansensation007 Do you know about the cocoa fudge topping they put on the fab fudge and the fudge brownie waffle bowl temptation sundaes? Its so good, Id like to try to make something similar!

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                                    Don't hold your breath, 007's post is over 7 years old and he/she hasn't been active in a while. Welcome to chowhound, and please keep posting.