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Jul 29, 2006 09:10 PM

Have you ever returned food to the market?

There's always the bad fruit you thought was ripe and ready to eat, but one bite in, you realize it's rotten. As in brown or splotchy inside. Most of the time, I just throw it away and grab the next one in the fridge, but when the entire batch is bad -- then I just want to cut them all open and throw it on the market's return counter. I've only done it once.

Have you ever returned anything to the market and gotten more than an apology for it?

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  1. Last summer, I was making guacamole, so I bought 4 avocados from the supermarket. 3 of them were HORRIBLE - but they looked and felt decent on the outside. I was so mad since they were over $2 a piece I returned them - they apologized and returned my money. Went to another market for the avocados...

    1. I have on rare occasions when I had plans to go back by the market again. More often, just as you suggest, I toss it and forget it.

      When I have returned things, they couldn't have been nicer at my local market. They let me chose another whether it's a canned product or produce. They have also replaced things I've paid for only to find when I get home didn't make it to my grocery bag.

      1. trader joe's is famous for taking anything back, no questions asked, and with a smile. i've returned a few things over the years, from a stale box of cereal to a frozen bag of pasta (i had bought two, tried one and threw it out, returned the other), to a bunch of mealy and icky tomatoes. the staff are always apologetic and refund my money, no problem.

        i've also returned a bottled (nonrefrigerated) juice blend once to safeway (cran-mango... eww!), and got my money back there too.

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          I took back some goat cheese rolled in herbs because the ingredient list didn't say there was dill in there. I hate dill. They asked why, I told them, they gave me the money back. Soon, the label included dill.

          I also returned some chicken that looked good in the package but smelled bad on opening, and some cheese that was moldy UNDER the label to the Roche Brothers in West Roxbury, MA. They didn't give me a fight.

        2. I take things back to the market, Costco, TJ's. Because I have bought meats that have been bad, fruits or vegetables that have been substandard, or things that have not lasted in my fridge, I will always go back and let them know. Either they replace it, or I get my money back. I shop and cook for a living, and when the client is paying for their groceries, it's something that I have always done, even for me personally.

          One time I opened up a beef steak I was using for stir fry, and the thing was so fatty I wouldn't use it. Back it went.

          1. Returned grainy ice cream. They replaced it with another container that was also grainy. Obviously the market let an entire batch thaw and then they were refrozen. I was bummed because it was my favorite flavor of Haggen Daz, peanut butter and choclate and now I can't find it anymore.

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              Dude, that flavor rocks...

              Check this out and look at the bottom for "Shop Locator" ...

              A man can't live without his source of energy, come on.