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Jul 29, 2006 08:16 PM

Good Eats/Alton Marathon on foodtv today 7/29

if anyone is interested just an fyi

a bunch of goodeats episodes this afternoon and then a behind the scenes show at 8pm est and his new travel show at 9pm


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  1. Did you like the travel show? To me, it seemed a lot like Bobby Flay's old travel show where he went to certain towns/cities and interviewed owners of restaurants. I did love the "Behind Good Eats" show from 8-9...Alton's great, don't get me wrong, he's probably the best thing going on the Food Network right now, but this show seems re-heated leftovers to me.

    1. I thought the fact that W is played by his chiropractor is hilarious. I had always thought that they did the inside the appliance shots with a cut up appliance, I didn't realize they had actually just tried sticking the cameras where ever they could in the first few seasons.

      As for Feasting on Asphalt. I liked the show. I guess the main difference between AB and Flay or Rachel Ray for that matter is that he doesn't take himself seriously and he seems to be enjoying himself rather than trying to be the Superstar Bobby Flay or the Super Cute and Adorable Rachel. The focus of his attention is different too. The idea was to go to good road food places rather than going to the best of a given city.

      I wonder if AB had consulted with the Sterns on where to go?

      1. I was really enjoying watching those old shows. The waffle one was especially hilarious - AB dressed up like a waffle superhero LOL. Made me want to have waffles for dinner :-) - alas, I lost my waffle iron, but it made me remember I need to buy a new one! I need to post for recommendations for one.

        1. i taped the special and the new show havent watched yet-but i agree any restaurant road show with alton has to be better than RR or Flay (does he have a personality?) hate to snark but heck i had to...

          re: stern's for some reason they seem snobby to me-am i wrong?