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Sports Bars with Decent food in downtown SF

A group of us are coming to see a 49ers game in October, and are staying downtown. Looking for a sports bar with all the trimmings but that actually has great food, which in some towns is difficult to find. We are staying at the Hilton in the Financial District

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  1. Wow, that's a tough call. For the life of me, I can't think of ANY "Sports Bars" in/around the Financial District, let alone one with "great food."

    1. Ted's Sports Bar & Grill - 7th & Harrison - has had a few fans over the years. There were some good comments about their burgers. 10 flat screens or something like that for your viewing pleasure. Sounds like Ted is a bit of a character.

      read more here:


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          You're right this place has had several reincarnations over the years but it has been Ted's Sports Bar & Grill since at least some time in 2004. Melanie's link that is below shows this.... The Basque restaurant had Barney Brown as a menu consultant.

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          Here's an old post on Ted's. Driving by on Friday morning, I noticed a banner strung up saying it was under new ownership or maangement.


        3. i'd suggest ozone, a thai place with a massive projection tv. the food is definetely good.

          it's on polk and sutter. it's not in the financial district, but it's a pretty short cab ride.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions folks - is there anything around Monster/Candlestick pre-game?

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              Monster/Candlestick Park is in a pretty barren (primarily industrial) area south of the city itself (en route to the airport). There are some new condos there, but no nearby restaurants that I know of.

              There are a few places along Grand Avenue in South SF - nothing outstanding, but serviceable (Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.). Or the Basque Cultural Center (http://www.basqueculturalcenter.com/r...).

              For better food, eat in the city before heading to the game!


            2. Melanie posted my comments about Ted's from some time back, and I thought I'd add an update.

              It's still great, and in fact we had dinner there last Wednesday. In addition to the dishes mentioned in my previous post, I also recommend the clam chowder (smooth and neither too watery or "doughy") and the fried calimari.

              Ted also brought put some firey kim chee (spelling?) and Korean noodles -- alol delicious.

              Also there is an area that can be cordoned off (to some extent) for private parties. I have seen a number of them there.

              1. Isn't there some place over by PacBell Park or whatever they're calling it this year?

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                  There are many restaurants near AT&T Park, some very good--but that's not near or on the way to Candlestick.

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                    Unless I'm misreading the original post, they never specified that they wanted to eat near the 'Stick or on the way. They want a sports bar, possibly downtown. Aren't those places near at&t mostly sports-oriented.

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                      I mistakenly thought that post was responding to the later question re Monster / Candlestick.

                2. Hi Mramange
                  I'm a 49er season ticketholder - here are some ideas.

                  If you're looking for a spot before the game AND you have a car - the Connecticut Yankee on Potrero Hill has lots of atmosphere, hearty brunch food and lots of TV's. It's a hangout for Patriot's fans so if they're playing the early game you'll be competing with them for seats. Potrero Hill is between downtown and Candlestick.

                  If you're looking for a spot before the game AND you don't have a car - you can either take the pre game express bus or CalTrain to the game. Near the Hilton Lefty O'Douls has lots of TVs, serves breakfast and is near some of the game day express bus stops.

                  Neither of these spots set the culinary world on fire, but they've both got atmosphere, decent food and lots of TVs. Think the last time SF had a sports bar with amazing food was when Nancy Oakes was cooking at Pat O'Shea's on Geary. She's been at Boulevard for a very long time.

                  Have fun and go Niners!

                  1. most of the "irish/british" pub type places around union square will almost aalways put on what ever game you ask. The Chieftain always has sports on (food is pub food, what can you expect?: a lot of it on a plate) O'briens also has a large and not bad menu and a gazillion tv's.

                    They might fit the bill. If you are from the east coast (i.e. new england area, what you call a sports bar, they call a pub out here.)
                    That might help you hone in on what you are looking for.

                    Also, Connecticut Yankee (which was mentioned above) is one of the only places in the city that makes a decent plate of buffallo wings. just a heads up if that is a necessary part of your beer drinking game watching needs....

                    1. The Irish Bank just off of Union Square would put whatever game on for you if you ask, I think, and the food is decent, and the Guinness well priced!)