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Jul 29, 2006 07:47 PM

Quick- best little eats in Santa Barbara?

Particularly if it's great cuisine on the cheap, but tell me about the best places overall.


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  1. See this thread for a current discussion of some high-quality cheap Mexican in S.B.:

    Also Cuzcatlan on De La Vina for pupusas.

    Decent Indian cuisine at Taj Cafe on State St.

    Tupelo Junction for southern-influenced food - a little more money but also nicer atmosphere than the others.

    Sort of hard to recommend anything that would qualify as "great cuisine" and "cheap" in Santa Barbara, where little is cheap and (in my opinion) there's very limited great cuisine even at a high price... :(

    1. 1. Chile Relleno ala carte - under $4 at Rudy's - West Montecito Street and Bath, served with chips and fresh salsa. Top with fresh pico de gallo and some radishes from their self-serve salsa bar.

      2. Antipasto misto at Ca Dario for $9, at East Victoria and Anacapa Street and served with ciabatta bread.

      3. Number 15 Tocino Special at La Superica - $5, melted cheese and bacon served with 3 fresh tortillas and fresh pico de gallo

      4. Sushi-Teri Bath Street at West Carrillo - chicken teriyaki with California roll, salad and rice under $10

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        Went back to Sushi Teri on Bath for the first time in years this past weekend (to take advantage of the GREAT outdoor dining). It's good. My favorite for Japanese is still Edomasa, which has some great dinner specials as well. Very reasonable and I find the food great.

      2. Like most hounds i have a few fixations. One of them is searching out really and i mean really good ceasar salads. There are not many around, not many that let the anchovies come through and really focus on great ingrediants. Anyway, the dining room of the EL Encanto has the best ceasar salad i have ever eaten, hands down. Not to mention that the grounds are neat to see. The place also has a neat, rat pack, 50's sort of a feel. I cant speak to anything else on the menu but damn, that was a fine salad

        1. Fish House at 101 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara is pretty good as well. Not awesome but the fish is very fresh but i found the seasoning to be sort of mild. Not always a bad things because the virtues of the fresh seafood are given a chance to shine.

          1. I like Via Maestro 42 on upper State street, just north of Las Positas.

            It has a real feel of being in an Italian cafe - they have terrific pannini, as well as more substantial specials available.

            There's espresso and dolci, and some very good gelato.

            What else do you need?