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Jul 29, 2006 06:45 PM

Seeking Salami w/Peppercorns

I used to be able to get a wonderful imported salami with whole peppercorns inside from Balducci's but that was years ago. I have not been there in years, since they moved and changed ownership etc. so I don't know if they still carry this.

Is there anywhere in the city that I can get a similar product? My husband is jonesing for this item. I'll go just about anywhere, except outer boroughs - just not feasible since I work midtown and have to do this jaunt during a lunch break.


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  1. i've seen it at citarella and at the garden of eden stores.

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    1. re: calypsogirl

      Great, thanks both are easy enough for me to get to during a lunch break!

    2. A little closer to yourself some time.
      Call ahead to make sure.

      The Amish Market
      240 E45th Street Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue
      (212) 370-1761 or (212) 378-1761

      What you really need is a good Italian deli for what you're looking for. Agata & Valentina, Citarella's, Grace's Marketplace....those tend to have the freshest and the best.

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        There's also a branch (I'm assuming same folks?) of the Amish Market on 9th Avenue around 49th Street and they have salami with peppercorns for sure.

      2. My favorite easily available,(you can even get it in Saratoga Springs) salami with peppercorns is molanari's toscano salami. it is a corser grind than genoa salami, but a similar, and in my opinion better, flavor profile. All of the Fairway stores carry this.

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          Have you seen the Molinari's there lately? I always buy some when I'm in S.F. and used to buy it at Fairway as well. I haven't seen it for some time now but then again I've only been to the Plainview location when I've gone out to the island to visit my parents.

          I'll have to look for it in Red Hook next time I'm there.

          And if you ever make it to S.F definitely stop in their deli for a sandwich.

        2. Amish Market is very close to me. Think I'll try them first and see how the quality is. If not up to our liking, I'll head up to Citarella or Grace's. Boy I miss both of those places - I used to shop at both of them when I lived in the city all the time. Nothing like them where I now live in NJ.

          1. If you have time and have not yet been, you must go to Di Palo's on the corner of Mott and Grand.