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Jul 29, 2006 06:07 PM

best,most unique resturant in Vancouver

We are going to Vancouver next week and one couple wants to eat the most exquisit food, and I want a view. Any chance? Will dump the view if the food is out of this world. What about Blue Water Cafe, or LK Dining lounge.
Thanks for your help

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  1. LK is nothing special. Blue Water is very nice,they're part of the Top Table group.(Cin Cin,West,Araxi)They have a patio,but it's a very urban view. For an exceptional view and food,I recommend the Raincity Grill. The chef and sommolier have a very regional philosiphy,combined with breathtaking views of English Bay complete with sureal sunsets. it's a must for anyone touring Vancouver in the Summer.

    FYI:The celebration of light fireworks display has a show on Wednesday Aug 3rd and the grande finale on Saturday Aug 6th. The patio at Raincity is a prime spot to watch.

    1. Most exquisite food is easy. West, hands down. Worth giving up the view in my book.

      1. I was at LK for brunch on Sunday and have to say that it was a disappointment...

        The menu looks good - but the food's lack-lustre and arrived late and tepid. Service was adequate, but not attentive - and we were one of only 1/2 dozen tables.

        Nice website, nice decor - too bad about the food and service!

        1. Blue Water Grill exqusite seafood. No view.