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Jul 29, 2006 05:33 PM

Wine fridge - Kenmore? Vinotemp?

I'm looking for a 30-40 bottle wine fridge, and I was wondering if anyone had any opinion on the Kenmore model ( or in Vinotemp in general. I can get a 15% discount at Sears through my company, but I want to make sure that Kenmore makes good wine fridges before I get it. I'd rather spend a bit more money on a better unit if I have to.

I've also read several bad reviews of Vinotemp online, and I was wondering what people thought of them. It seems ebay has some "dented" models at a good looking discount and if people here had a good opinion of them I figured I'd go with those (they hold 50-55 bottles). I like the size and look of the Vinotemp, but I was concerned about the reviews that I read (then again, I haven't been able to find many glowing reviews of any of the wine fridges).

I read on these boards that there are only several manufacturers of the wine fridges (you can tell by looking at the general shape of some of them - Kenmores look a lot like Haier and maybe Avanti, too).

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Thanks in advance.

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  1. VinoTemp makes some of the best values in wine units. Costco seems to have thebest prices on them so,if you're near one, check them out. I'm not familiar with the Kenmores, but (at least in the past) Sears usually has their products made by leading manufacturers in the industry, so they should be OK.

    1. We received a Haier 40 bottle wine fridge for a wedding present 4 years ago. No problems so far... Have not compared to other brands.

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        I received a Haier for my 50th birthday, 7 years ago and it has been working flawlessly.

      2. i am happy so far with a cheapo sunbeam i got at home depot for $110. Supposedly holds 47 bottles but you would have to be creative to cram that many in. no thermometer so i have used a digital thermometer to calibrate it (stick the wire inside at various levels)...right now there is a gradient from 62 degrees at the top to 52 at the bottom of the fridge.

        1. I've had a vinoteque for about 10 years with never a day of trouble. And it's been moved a few times.

          1. I am VERY happy with my Kenmore Elite wine cooler.. Purring at 56 degrees for over a year without a hiccup.. and one great value.