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Jul 29, 2006 05:06 PM

Delicious ethnic food - place can handle big crowd - Northeast LA?

This is my first post, though I frequent the forum as a passive reader. I know there is a great post on top 5's in northeast LA/Glendale/Pasadena region, but I am stumped to come up with a place that can accomodate 12 or 15 people TONIGHT so hoping you can help. Here are the requirements, in order of importance:

Seriously good food because we're foodies. Both veg and nonveg options (probably something ethnic). Cheap because many of us are students and/or unemployed. Festive, because it's a birthday party (we're roller skating afterwards - a little flahsback).

We were thinking Polka in Eagle Rock because we like the kitsch and think the food is good, but afraid it won't appeal to many people. Also contemplating Mamitas in Glendale though it's not terribly festive and not sure about veg options. Would be willing to travel to Hollywood or Downtown. Please note we're not in the mood for kebabs.

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  1. I love that polish restaurant! How about that funny fried chicken place?

    1. For a budget - Porto's in burbank (or glendale) is pretty good.

      How about caroussel? or paru's? with a reservation.

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      1. re: Jerome

        Porto's is good, but it's a little too casual, too frenetic, and certainly doesn't have seating for a large group. Not sure they even serve dinner.

        Do you mean Paru's Restaurant at 5140 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027? I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

        1. re: takecake

          The Porto's in Burbank at Magnolia and Hollywood Way is more laid back.
          Paru's is in Hollywood.

          Have fun.

          1. re: Jerome

            ...but isn't open for dinner, I don't think.

      2. How about La Cabanita, on Verdugo Rd. in north Glendale? You'll need to call ahead. Their caldo de pollo is excellent, and anything with mole negro, and they have great chiles en nogada.

        Another option would be to go to Krua Thai in NoHo -- they have a big back room you can use, it's cheap, it's tasty, and it's as good as anything in Thai Town. (Swan and Sunshine may be able to handle your group as well, though I couldn't swear to it -- the others on that stretch, Bua Siam, Khun Dang and Sri Siam, are all too small for a large group.)

        1. It may be cliche, but Thai Palm on Hollywood, just west of the fwy is a good party spot--and there's Thai Elvis.
          Also, Elena's Greek Armenian on Glendale Ave., just north of San Fernando is fun, although the room is a little quirky--service is friendly.