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Jul 29, 2006 04:42 PM

where to buy orange blossom water?

some where downtown is preferred... kensington?

thanks for the help

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  1. Not that hard to find these days. Try Loblaws or any shop with a Middle Eastern-Greek slant.

    1. If you are any where near Kensington Market the little spice shop (can't remember the name) has that and all sorts.

      It is on Augusta and always burns frankensence out front.


      1. Kabul Farms on Parliament has it. You might want to read up on the different kinds, though. I recall that there can be big differences in quality. The one I bought is incredibly perfumey—almost too much.

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          thanks... good point. do you remember what that brand was so that i can avoid it? i'm trying to replicate the orange blossom pink lemonade at mezzetta.

        2. "Cedar," a Lebanese brand, is usually easy to find and very dependable in both orange and rose scents. Perfumey varieties can often be scents designed for soap or candle making that are totaly unsuited for cooking or baking.