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Red Savoy's Pizza on the East Side of Saint Paul

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this place just got some presumably unwanted notoriety involving the 81 year old father of a U.S. Senator and a sex act. but any how.... have never been there. how good is the pizza?? worth driving 40 mins??

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  1. http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincit...

    That's the news coverage.....

    I went there once - very greasy and disagreeable. I will not go back. We got take out since it was 100% smoky.

    However, I know plently of people who swear by it and drive from all over the place for it.

    I would say take the drive and check it out. There are plently of other field trips in the area so your day isn't wasted if the pizza isn't up your alley. Its right on the outskirts of downtown saint paul.

    1. Susy, I thought the grease was part of its charm?

      It's no longer smoky due to the smoking ban...

      I personally wouldn't drive 45 minutes for it, but I'd stop by if I were in a greasy pizza mood and I was going to be in St. Paul or on that side of town anyway.


      1. Savoy consistently wins Pizza polls as one of the best, and their pizza is pretty good. I heard about Sen. Colemans lecherous Dad but didn't know that's where it was?! Interesting. Reds Savoy Inn on W. 7th, right at the end of Hwy 52 is notorious for car crashes and motorcycle accidents, too bad for that type of popularity, but apparently the huge signs that warn everyone to slow down aren't quite big enough.

        But it is not worth a 40 min. drive. It's bar pizza, maybe a cut above most, but it's still bar pizza.

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          My one visit to Savoy's didn't impress. I was OK with the old-style ambiance, and the pizza was certainly hot and greasy. The flavor was OK. The big, unforgiveable no-no was the canned mushrooms. I just can't get behind canned mushrooms on a pizza.

        2. To me it's not worth a 40 minute drive. However, I know many people who would disagree. It's of the thin-crust, lots of tangy red sauce, super-cheese-laden pizza variety, done pretty well for that style. It's just not really my favorite style, that's all.

          It's not smoky anymore though, since St. Paul enacted its smoking ban.

          1. >>Savoy consistently wins Pizza polls as one of the best, and their pizza is pretty good<<

            Would this be the same poll that voted "Leann Chin" best Chinese food? ;-)

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              Hey....I never said that I voted for these polls! I'm just passing along popular opinion! Read the current Mpls/St. Paul mag for good news about pizza joints. And remember that this is Minnesota, where exotic is not exactly a commonly used term

              Personally, I never get pizza from anywhere but Broadway Pizza, mostly I make it at home from scratch. I am not a heavy tomato sauce on pizza type of gal, I like it lighter than most 'za places ever make it, or best yet, I just layer fresh tomato slices on the dough after rubbing it with garlic. Now THAT is pizza!

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                Sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like I was bagging on you. I have to laugh though everytime i read one of those polls.

                1. re: bluesman13

                  No offense taken, my hide is like a rhino! :-)

                  I too get a kick out of those polls, but like I said, this is MN after all......nuf said. I just wonder what would turn up in those types of polls if they asked us Chowhounds!!!

            2. I know people that swear by the pizza, and people that swear at it. I can't stand American style pizza, so I make my own in the style of pizzas I had in Italy (just some grated hard cheese - no mountains of fake cheese). However, I am tempted to try the Savoy pizza. I didn't know that you could get Viagra as an optional topping.

              1. I think it is a St. Paul Classic, myself. One of those things I don't want to change--reminds me of being a kid in 1976 when I go in there.

                1. We now reside in FLL but used to live in St. Paul. When I think of good pizza, I think of Savoy. We used to drive from Shoreview to pick one up--but that's only 15 minutes or so, not 40. Nice to see the place get some play.

                  1. My wife and I went to Red's last night, in the rain. It was very busy, and I asked if it was because of the recent publicity, and they said, yes, for sure. Anyway, we only had to wait about five minutes for a table. The service was not very good, but I didn't necessarily expect it to be great, either. The pizza took about forty minutes to get there, which I wasn't happy about, but again, I don't think it's always that busy.

                    But we loved the pizza. It's not Punch, not brick oven, but I'm frankly sick of Luce, and have been looking for a crackery kind of crust like this for a while. THere was plenty of cheese and sauce and sausage--they were skimpy about nothing-- and it was very hot and delicious. Very well done, for what it was supposed to be.

                    We also don't think that it's worth the trip to St. Paul necessarily. To us, the pizza is similar to the Kurtz special at Dulano's, which we actually prefer, so we would just go there. But if we're in the vicinity, we'd definitely eat there again and again. But not if we were in a hurry.

                    The pizza excels at what it tries to be, and if you like that, you will be happy. It's not going to thrill any pizza snobs, though. It reminds me of the pizza I used to get as a kid at Shakey's and at the Pizza Platter in Shorewood.

                    1. I understand there is currently a strike underway at Savoy... perhaps that's why the service was so poor?

                      I don't know the details, and I don't really have any memory as to whether the service was very good to start with, but just a thought.

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                        Could be a strike, but the service there is always bad - and the attitude of the waitpersons is worse. Some people embrace that kind of flavor as kitschy, I think it's just poor service.
                        just my opinion though...

                      2. Definitely not "100% smoky" any more since smoking in restaurants is no longer legal in St. Paul.
                        Pizza is pretty good if you like traditional American pizza (ie. greasy w/ lots of non-fancy toppings), which I do.
                        Seams like the ownership has been pretty sleazy on the labor issue, according to the City Pages...