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Lobster Rolls ?

Until I get to Cape Cod in a few weeks, can anyone recommend a place in the 5 boros (or even LI) where I can get a great lobster roll. You know...toasted split hot dog roll, sweet chunks of lobster mixed in with celery, magic spices and a dab of mayo? Mmmmmmmm....

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  1. I think Jordans' Lobster Dock in Sheepshead Bay has good lobster rolls. They're not cheap, but at least they're not as crazy expensive as places like Brooklyn Fish Camp, Mary's Fish Camp, Pearl Oyster Bar, etc.

    1. That Surf Bar place on N. 6th right off Bedford Ave in Williamsburg has some pretty good Lobster Rolls (and good mixed rum drinks too)

      1. Well, I think the definitive lobster roll is at Lunch in Amagansett. Maybe you could detour on your way to the ferry to Cape Cod??

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          Second Lunch!

          There's one in Riverhead as well but it lacks some of the atmosphere of the Amagansett location. The LR is still great though.

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              Aaahhhhh, yes. LUNCH. the perfect lobster roll. although i think the deliciousness level of their lobster roll is magnified by the atmosphere and the fact that it's either a weekend or a vacation day when i'm savoring every delicious morsel. and it's the summer. and i'm near the beach.

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                My fave hole-in-the-wall joint in NE is the Lobster Shack at Cape Elizabeth near South Portland Maine. It is next to a lighthouse right on the edge of the sea. It is a struggle to concentrate on the food when the gorgoeous ocean view is your dining mate.

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                I have not been overly impressed with LUNCH's Lobster Rolls. Kind of bland and way too expensive.

                I have taken to making my own at home.

              3. Yes, Jordan's has a lobster roll for $16, I believe.

                I was pretty surprised and confused by it, though - the lobster is totally undressed. (No mayo, etc.) Bun was ungrilled, and it included a big lettuce leaf. Pretty much the best you can do is pour melted butter on it.

                So, is this a legitimate lobster roll style, or just Jordans' slack creation?

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                  Actually, as of last summer and at least the 3 summer's prior, the lobster roll at Jordan's has always had mayonaise. I actually think the version you received sounds like a dream. I prefer my lobster unadulterated, so always end up with a whole lobster when I go.
                  But at least 1 person I go with always gets a lobster roll. Was it this year that you received the "plain" lobster roll? If so, I need to check it out!

                2. I believe Nathan's in Coney Island serves lobster rolls. I've never had them though. Usually, I go for the dozen or so cherrystones.

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                    I love Nathans Lobster Rolls, but they are totally different from the New England style ones. It's made with mashed lobster salad broiled on a burger bun. I was eating them for many years before I ever had the other type, and that's what I always crave when I go to Coney Island. But don't get it if you're looking for big chunks of lobster!!

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                      Hi ;-)
                      I'm new here and found this list searching for a recipe for the Coney Island Nathans lobster roll, I'm from there but moved away about eight yrs. ago, would anyone know of a recipes for the C.I. Nathans lobster roll, I haven't been able to find one as good as there to this day, so any info. would be greatly appreciated ;-)

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                        The ones I've had there recently are not the same, I'm sure they're using lobster meat substitute now since the price is about the same.

                        If I was going to try to make it the old way, I would take lobster meat, celery and lots of mayo, mash it up, pile it on a toasted hamburger bun and broil til browned. Like an upscale tuna melt, but no cheese please!

                  2. The Lobster Box (I think that's the name) in Chelsea Market (9th and 16th St in Manhattan) also does a decent lobster roll for about $14. Not bad, but it doesn't come with the HEAVENLY Fish Camp fries. Fish Camp is really tasty, but as I've complained in the past, a bit on the small side.

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                      actually, it's the lobster place in chelsea market.

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                        just an fyi, the Lobster Place doesn't grill the roll.

                      2. bigmackdaddy: (why can't I get my posts to thread right?)

                        Yep. We've had it once in June, once in July, same both times.

                        1. i think jordans has gone way downhill...and i grew up across the water. had a steamed lobster there about a month ago and felt ill afterwards. came out slightly warm...in spots.

                          best lobster roll i ever had was at michael jordan's steakhouse in grand central for lunch.

                          nothing in brooklyn does it for me. mary's fish camp's is too sweet for my tastes and overpriced at that.

                          1. I'm curious does Nick's on Flatbush Ave. serve lobster rolls? They make decent steamed lobster, the rest of their menu is nothing to jump through hoops of fire for.

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                              Nick's Lobster on Flatbush does serve lobster rolls but they are V-I-L-E. They're on smushed hamburger buns, contain about 70% weird "crab" stuffing and then about two dismal pieces of lobster, all broiled together disturbingly.

                            2. For true Cape Cod lobster rolls, you got to hit the Fish Camp sites, Brooklyn on Fifth Ave. and Mary's in the Village. Or of course, Pearl's also in Village.
                              Jordan's has gotten worse and worse. I stopped going there and Nick's isn't much better. Jordan's has even downsized its whole operation, giving up half its store.
                              Louie's in Port Washington is always worth a pit stop.

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                                I'm gonna hits Mary's or Louie's this weekend before i head up to The Cape next week. Thanks everyone for your responses. :)

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                                  Please let us know what you think of Louie's. Just for my 'ol times sake.

                              2. The best place is Pearl's Oyster Bar on Cornelia St. in Manhattan!

                                1. Pearl oyster bar is definately the best place in NYC for a Lobster roll

                                  1. Louie's in Port Washington. As an escapee from that particular 'burb, I remember it was generally overrated but the seafood rolls were quite good. (but I haven't been there in 20 years)

                                    1. I just had my first lobster roll today. We went to the Fairway market in Red Hook, Brooklyn to eat on the promenade and the cafe had lobster oll on it's menu. The lobster meat tasted like it came out of the shell and steamer. Very fresh with a sweet brine. The coleslaw, very crunchy and tasty as was the accompyning lettuve and tomato. My only gripe is the dressing, very plain jane. The bun is your typical Wonder hot dog bun. It cost around $8.00 and came with thick, herbal potato chips (which I didn't eat).

                                      1. Fairway in Red Hook has a lobster roll for $7.99 that is chock full of lobster and comes with a toasted bun.

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                                          The Fairway lobster roll is the worst I've ever had, but also the cheapest. Utterly tasteless.

                                          IMHO, outside of Maine, the only place that makes a decent lobster roll in NYC is Brooklyn Fish Camp, but you'll pay dearly for it. You can get two better rolls in Maine for the price of one at BFC.

                                        2. Fish Tales on Court Street has 'em. It's whole claw and cut tail meat. They mix it with a dill amd mayo sauce. The roll is a standard bun but was hot and buttery. All in all not bad. I forget what the price is. I bought it with a bunch of other stuff and tossed the receipt away.

                                          1. Research recipes and make your own. Most places think that because its a "lobster" roll it has to be expensive. That is why I stay away when I see it on the menu. If you are ever in Portland, Maine go to McDonalds. Yes, McDonalds. Its on the menu there and it won't cost as much as Fish Camp.

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                                              I go to Cape Elizabeth (outside South Portland) every year. I'll definitely check out the rolls at McDs.

                                            2. Wherever you go, do not go to Brooklyn Fish Camp. A little over a month ago we had lobster rolls there and they were awful. The lobsters were tough and cold and not tasty (had clearly been sitting in the fridge, probably over night... or more?), and the runny gunk "mayo" sauce that was on it, was disgusting. Disgusting.

                                              I could not finish mine and the waitress made sure not to ask if something was wrong. (I know I should have sent it back, bit it was one of those days when I really, really did not feel like complaining, I usually do, but that day my brain was elsewhere. I just wanted to get out of there and never come back).

                                              I think Brooklyn Fish Camp has gone downhill, a lot. They used to have pretty good food, yes, even lobster rolls, and the servers always asked if everything was to our liking. Not so anymore.

                                              $30 a piece for this yucky lobster roll.
                                              The next weekend we bought lobsters in Chinatown and prepared them ourselves. They were soo delicious. The price we paid per lobster in Chinatown, suggests that Brooklyn Fishcamp's old excuse for keeping raising the prices of their lobster dishes (that 'lobsters are scarce and prices are way up'), is now totally bogus - and makes the prices at Brooklyn Fish Camp a total rip-off.

                                              Needless to say, we are not going back.