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Jul 29, 2006 04:07 PM

Portland Oregon Micro Brew scene

i read in the NY TIMES that Portland ore is a micro brewery and micro brew mecca. what are the best micro breweries and micro brews there??

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  1. Rogue and Deschutes, hands down.

    Of course, neither is actually located in Portland, but I know that Rogue has a pub there.

    McMenamins is popular, but I think their beer is just OK. It's better than macrobrew, but that's about all I can say for it.

    1. Don't overlook Hair of the Dog. They make some amazing beers and they are located in Portland.

      1. I think its the brewpubs in and around Portland that makes this place beervana. I really enjoyed all of them that I visited recently on my honeymoon. I drank mostly IPA's, double IPA's, and stouts/porters at these locations - and most of them were really good:

        Lucky Lab
        Roots Organic
        Rogue (beers made offsite)
        Mt. Hood
        Walking Man (just on the other side of the Columbia in WA)
        Pelican Pub near the coast

        Too many to visit in one trip, so we will be going back to explore the rest of the state.

        If you ever go, be sure to pick up the Brewha! brochure which lists all the brewpubs (except McMennimans) in the state.

        Here is a map of Portland:

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        1. re: LStaff

          Add New Old Lampoc to that list. Laurelwood is still my favorite. Closely followed by roots. the NYT is right about Portland being beer heaven. More breweries per capita, more strip clubs per capita and more churches (though you wouldn't know it) per capita than other US cities. Go figure.

        2. Who makes the orange wheat beer? I want to say it was Rogue or Deschutes, but in any case if you see it on a list try it! Perfect for summer, linght and zingy but still with a nice amount of hoppiness.

          1. Mcmenamins, an oregon brewpub chain, has inconsistent results---on purpose: each brewpub has a different brewer and recipe. But if you hit any location when their Hammerhead ale is freshly tapped you won't find a better beer anywhere. That being said, Bridgeport IPA is incredible. Probably the best of Portland IMO. Laurelwood is noteworthy too.