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Caracas Arepas--What's in that sauce?!

Caracas Arepa Bar has an excellent spicy tangy greenish/yellowish sauce that they have in bottles and you can add to your arepa/rice&beans. Every time i'm there I douse my food in it, it's soooo good. What is it and where can I get it in Manhattan? It seems a bit like a Peruvian Aji but I know Caracas is Venezuelan. Any help?

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  1. seconding the original request and bumping the thread a bit. that stuff is amazing!

    1. I don't know what it is either, but there is definitely lots of garlic in it. I love it. I bet if you just asked the owners the next time you are there they would tell you, everyone is very friendly there.

      1. i like caracas, and their food is great (that sauce), but i have never found the service to be all that friendly there. in fact, one time i ordered a salad after i put in my order, (like 3 minutes later) and the waitress totally rolled her eyes at me. they weren't totally rude, but definitely not what i would call friendly.

        1. I am no sure what it is, but I guess it's Vzlan style mojo.

          Jalape#o, or green serranos, garlic, green bell peppers, onion, parsley, cilantro;
          to taste : vinager, olive oil, cumin and salt.

          Put in a blender.


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            sweet sweet caracas sauce.... thanks for the recipe. it really tastes like there's some kind of fruit in there too, though, do you think? it's sort of sweet.

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              It's quite sweet too, I'm wondering if it has some fruit in it as well--perhaps mangoes? Anyone else have any guesses as to what's in it or what a similar type of recipe might look like?

            2. Whenever I order for delivery from Caracas, I ask for extra hot sauce. When I have asked about the name of the sauce in the past, I have been told "it's just hot sauce -- our special recipe."

              I would love to hear more about what this sauce compares to from people who know more about Venezuelan food than I do.

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                if i knew the ingredients to this sauce, i'd be putting it on all my food. i would even pour it directly into my mouth. i think there's some sort of eggy/mayo thing going on in those squirt bottles as well. it can't just be olive oil

              2. I always thought there was some mango in there or something...whatever it is, it's incredible!!

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                    yup, that last post at the end of that thread where the girl makes her own version is pretty good.

                  2. I there a week ago and the waitress said they sell it for about $8 a bottle.

                    1. i found this recipe for venezuelan salsa which calls for mango & papaya.

                      i bet if you played with the flavors and threw it in the blender, you could get it to come out pretty close to what's in the store. has anyone bought a bottle? i wonder if they list the ingredients on the label. probably not, but worth a shot.

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                        I wouldn't doubt it if they use some lechosa in their recipe. It's a fruit widely used in Venezuela, and I have to admit it's very good ... especially when picked ripe.

                        Image --> http://www.shimlahills.com/images/pap...

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                          I ate there tonight, and asked about the sauce. The (very nice) waiter said, "It's our secret sauce!" and was not interested in divulging the ingredients. GREAT food.