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Jul 29, 2006 03:02 PM

Any feedback on Global Gatherings on Central Ave.?

Been hearing about this place...heard you can buy anything that is in the place rather than just the food, e.g., the chairs you sit in!

I've only seen one post refer to it here:

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  1. I had lunch @ Global Gatherings a few weeks ago on a Saturday. It was very much a mom & young child kind of crowd at that time of day. I can see why-- there was much for the kids to look at and they have an awesome kids menu. It's kind of like eating lunch smack in the middle of United Housewrecking (in Stamford).

    The service was very attentive. But I'll tell you, the food must have not been too memorable in my mind because I can't remember exactly what we had. We shared 2 entrees, and one of them was a tofu dish with soba noodles. We also had an appetizer. We were too stuffed to have dessert.

    I think it's the kind of place you try once, but perhaps not rush back to.

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      Been there for lunch twice now, never for dinner. I had a salad with chicken the first time (good) and a chx, provolone, and arugula sandwich the second (also good). The desserts are supposed to be amazing, since the owner trained in Paris as a pastry chef, and the chocolate turtle thing I shared with my friends was tasty. They had the burger, which was a hit, and the portobello mushroom sandwich, which they also liked. It may be a bit pricey for what you get, but the atmosphere is definitely unusual enough in my book to balance that out.

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