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Jul 29, 2006 05:21 AM

Blue Ginger

My parents are going to Boston for a weekend and would realllllly love to eat at Blue Ginger. So my questions are: 1) Is it accessible without a car? Would the cab ride be excessive/is there easy public transportation for out-of-towners? and 2) Is it worth it?


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  1. BG is difficult to access without a car and it has received many mixed revies of late, mostly from early fans (myself included) who have noticed that the quality has become inconsistent. That being said, my last visit about 6 months ago was wonderful and I will absolutely return.

      1. As I learned by reading the Chowhound Boston area board, Blue Ginger is a short walk from an MBTA Commuter Rail station on the Framinham/ Worcester line. In my opinion it is well worth the trip. I have previously posted messages about Blue Ginger, so won't repeat the specifics. Suffice to say that I have found both food and service to be excellent.

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          I think that's the Wellesley Square stop on the Framingham/Worcester line. Should be about 4-6 blocks (easy) from there.

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            It may be a short walk from the commuter rail line, but the train schedule does not look at all amenable to a dinner out. Make sure they know that they want to do LUNCH there.

            Weeknights there are inbound trains at 7:44pm and 12:24am. A Saturday or Sunday night is a little bit more manageable, if one got an early reservation - there are outbound trains that arrive in Wellesley Square at 5:04 and 6:32, and inbound trains at 9:02 and 9:42...and then a last train that turns up in Wellesley at 1:21am!

            Getting out for a lunch is more doable, though even then there can be long gaps if your timing isn't right.

        2. Thank goodness there are people who answer these boards who know what they are talking about. Yes, indeed, Blue Ginger is accessible by publice transportation. I live about 1/2 mile from there. It is only about 2 blocks from the train station. And, yes it is worth it if for no other reason than they would like to go there. The food is wonderful. The menu at lunch contains many of the same specials that you will find in the evening. I often walk in for lunch without a reservation, while it is very difficult to get a diner reservation.
          Please go an enjoy. Ming Tsai is often there is comes around to chat.

          1. I'm coming down from Toronto this weekend and would love to try his restaurant too. Having said that it is accessible by commuter rail; how far would the drive be from Boston?

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            1. re: josamania

              On the weekend, it should be an easy drive. If you tell us where you're staying, we can give you directions. We Bostonians love to play the "How Do You Get There From Here" game!

              1. re: Blumie

                An easy drive, but not an easy reservation. A reservation for this weekend could be VERY difficult. Just a can always try.