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Jul 29, 2006 05:20 AM

Where do you buy your wine in OC?

Any recs besides online/LA vendors would be appreciated.

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  1. Here's three solid wine shops:

    Hi Times in Costa Mesa

    Wine Exchange in Orange

    Wine Country in Long Beach

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Been to Hi Times once and I will never go back. Very rude service. I walked in asked "Where are the Merlot?" The response was Read the signs they will are clear enough. I walked right out but not before messing up a couple displays. I should have broken a couple bottles of wine. I have never had somebody respond that way to me before.

      I went to Wine Country right after and spent over $150 that I would have spent at Hi Times.

    2. Bemvo, Hi-times in Newport/Costa Mesa and sadly Trader Joes.

      1. VENDOME LIQUOR in Fullerton (Yorba Linda Blvd/Placentia Ave). They also have beer & wine tastings.

          1. Forgot to mention Cost Plus. The staff is pretty useless, but the selection can be good and the prices are fair.