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Where do you buy your wine in OC?

Any recs besides online/LA vendors would be appreciated.

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  1. Here's three solid wine shops:

    Hi Times in Costa Mesa

    Wine Exchange in Orange

    Wine Country in Long Beach

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Been to Hi Times once and I will never go back. Very rude service. I walked in asked "Where are the Merlot?" The response was Read the signs they will are clear enough. I walked right out but not before messing up a couple displays. I should have broken a couple bottles of wine. I have never had somebody respond that way to me before.

      I went to Wine Country right after and spent over $150 that I would have spent at Hi Times.

    2. Bemvo, Hi-times in Newport/Costa Mesa and sadly Trader Joes.

      1. VENDOME LIQUOR in Fullerton (Yorba Linda Blvd/Placentia Ave). They also have beer & wine tastings.

          1. Forgot to mention Cost Plus. The staff is pretty useless, but the selection can be good and the prices are fair.

            1. wine club off 55 freeway

              1. Vendome in Fullerton (Vicki there knows her stuff), and there's a new place...something rock maybe?

                1. Wine Exchange
                  Cost Plus

                  1. Wine Club, Tustin
                    Wine Exchange, Orange (my fave)
                    Vendome, Fullerton (runner-up)
                    Hi-Times, sometimes
                    Cost Plus when I'm near one and they offer something new for notalot.
                    Bevmo for the occasional case of house wine (read:cheap).
                    Trader Joe's for the ONLY $4.99 Zinfandel I've ever managed to stomach (Old Moon; it's shockingly decent).

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                    1. re: OCBites

                      How are the prices at Vendome (and selection)?

                      1. re: Funwithfood

                        Vendome has a good (not great) selection w/fair prices & knowledgeable staff. Easily fits the bill for most my needs.

                    2. Wine Exchange is the best.
                      Hi Times is a close second..
                      Unfortunately I live in So. OC. so Bev Mo gets most of my biz.

                      1. I like Rolf's a lot. They are on PCH next to the Ferrari dealership, but their prices are great and I really like the selection.


                        1. Thanks everyone. I used to frequent Hi TImes when I lived in the area and before I moved to South OC. I will defintely check out Vendome and the Wine Exchange which are near and on the way from work.

                          1. Hi-Times is always great for me
                            Wine Club - Tustin
                            Von's Pavilions ;-) (hey, if I like it, it's on sale & I get 10% more off, I'm very happy!)

                            1. If you are trying to find a specific wine, try www.wine-searcher.com. It will tell you exactly which store in O.C. has the wine you are looking for.

                              1. MORRY'S OF NAPLES
                                5764 E. 2nd Street
                                Long Beach, CA 90803
                                (Tollfree) (800) 539-8011
                                (Phone) (562) 433-0405
                                (Fax) (562) 433-7843