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Jul 29, 2006 05:20 AM

New Brunswick and Cape Breton recommendations?

I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for NS and NB beyond what's been posted. I'll be doing an 11 day road trip from Toronto through: Quebec (Montreal and Quebec City), New Brunswick (St. Andrews, Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton) and Nova Scotia (Baddeck ad Ingonish). Mainly we're looking for fresh steamed seafood (isn't everyone?) rather than fried or frozen.
Any regional specialty recommendations? I've heard I have to try Acadian Rappie Pie... also wondering if fresh cod is readily available on Cape Breton?


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  1. Hi Sway,
    See my posting under PEI Charlottetown recommendations for Moncton, Saint John & St Andrews. I preferred steamed seafood also but it's incredibly limited out there, 90% of everything on the menu is deep fried. Happy chowing & driving. Love the speed limit in New Brunswick (110 km and no traffic ever!!).

    1. Moncton:
      The aforementionded Barnyard BBQ is highly recommended. Anything pork based is good. The BBQ hash is one of my personal faves. The Brisket is pretty damn good too.

      Saint John:
      Suwanna on the west side is amazingly good Thai food. Superb service as well. Order lots of different stuff and play sharesies.

      K's East Side Cafe is sorta out of the way (off Rothesay Ave behind an equipment rental place) and looks a bit off-putting but you won't find a better greasy breakfast anywhere.

      The Sampan has very good dim sum on Sunday AMs. Their regular Chinese fare is quiet tasty as well.

      Not really Saint John but close is Holly's in Hampton. Excellent homestyle cooking - Hot Sandwiches, Lasagna, etc.

      Saigon Noodle House is a recently opended Viet Namese place. Our one visit so far was very enjoyable.

      Once you head down country I'd recommend Ozzy's over Comeau's for fried seafood. Better quality and freshness IMO.

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        butland -

        In my view you are bang-on with your recommendations -you have mentioned many of my favourite spots in Saint John. Any others?

        I had a terrific meals at the Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews this past summer. It is definitely worth the trip and was relatively inexpensive. I think they have a shoulder seaon deal of something like $79 (per person) for a 3 course meal and a room. When I called to make the reservation I ordered a tasting menu for an extra $15. It was 5 course of pure New Brunswick yumminess. Much of the food is locally sourced and the owners are very knwoledgable.

      2. There is still nowhere really good to eat in Fredericton. For decent but unexciting food try Misu Chinese (the only Chinese restaurant worth trying in Fredericton), Brewbaker's (overpriced at dinner but some nice lunch items), The Palate (ditto), Dimitris, El Burrito Loco. The restaurant at the Delta is improving, as is the Blue Door, although nothing to write home about.

        I go out of town to dine. My favourite restaurant in Halifax, the Hungry Chili, seems to have closed. Too bad. Outstanding Szechaun. Also very good in Halifax is Heartwood, the vegetarian restaurant on Quinpool Rd. Piccolo Mondo also gets my vote. If it is lunchtime and you are at Truro, Murphy's Seafood really does have very good fish and chips, and the scallops were an outstanding example of the style.

        1. The very best part of your trip will be Cape Breton....if you are looking for fresh Cod to either bring home or cook yourself, then stop in at either of two fish sellers located just before you cross the Canso Causeway onto or off the Island. If you order it in most restaurants it will be fresh...The very best restaurants for seafood are not in Baddeck or Antigonish, but in Cheticamp! You can either take the Cabot Trail or the Caelidh goes up one side of the Island, and the other..well, the other !
          There is a really fine Restaurant in Margaree Harbour that you should not miss..The is the only place in Cape Breton you can get a really good American Style Steak cooked properly...also, the thing to have this time of year are the Oysters....anyway, I will be there myself from the 15th thru the 23rd of Sept. fishing so I thought you might appreciate these tips.
          Take my advice on this..even if you have to go outof your way, do not miss the restaurants in Cheticamp..if you want your seafood fresh and steamed to your order, that is the place you will find it. Bon Chance !

          1. Can you tell us the name(s) of the restaurants in Cheticamp that you recommend?

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              There aren't that many! We were there 3 years ago and ate at the Harbour Restaurant, Restaurant Acadian and Le Gabriel. All were good. The fresh fish was, of course, the shining star of any meal but try some favorites like meat pie.

              Plus, if you're in the mood for fast food, there's Mr. Chicken!