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Jul 29, 2006 03:17 AM

OK - I am determined to have one or the other so will it be Jack in the Box Tacos . . . or a Double Double Animal w/animal fries? I need help!

So I like both a lot. I have had In-n-Out recently so I thought the "tacos" would be a no brainer, but then I thought of the animal fries and I was conflicted. Usually I am decisive, but tonight I need your help. And if you hate either food group please do not respond, because I like, and in a way, respect both, so your input would not be terribly helpful.


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  1. How about Tommy's? You can get the spicy you are craving from their chili plus the burger satisfaction and pickle, tomato, onion etc.? ;)

    1. I think you have to get the In and Out. Their are more Jack in the Box locations than In and Outs, so the likelyhood of being able to satisfy your taco craving is greater at some other time.

      1. Go for In n Out. Or go somewhere else and get real tacos.

        1. Sit and down and take a few deep breaths. This is easy. Go to JIB and get a taco. Eat the taco on the way to InNOut. Get the fries. Simplicous!