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Jul 29, 2006 03:06 AM

apps on smith street

looking for a place to gather with 4 friends for a week night get together. interested in apps & drinks on smith. any suggestions?

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  1. Sample has good cheese, cured meats and lots of wine, Paninoteca is similar with decent paninis. Tabac is a good scene for drinks and apps, as well. all on Smith. lots of other options in the hood off Smith, if you're willing. (Frankie's on Court and the new place on Warren/Henry are both great for small dishes and drinks, better food than the above Smith St options, IMO)

    1. I like jimmyjazz's suggestions. Or you could go to Chance and get dim sum.

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      1. re: LJW

        thanks all. great suggestions. i would love to venture off smith, however these are pals of mine i have been trying to lure out of manhattan & thought smith was a good place to start and to prove i don't live out in the country.
        enjoy the weekend all!

      2. Sample is definitely a great choice.

        Taku would also work as they have a lot of small plate choices and great, interesting cocktails. (And a pretty back patio)

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        1. re: Nehna

          I second Taku - over a dozen apps and small plates to choose from - the charred long beans are particularly good, as are the light and non-greasy tofu fries. (I'm afraid I'm not the biggest fan of the wings, but only because I had hoped for tebasaki, and these lean more towards Buffalo than to Nagoya.) For meat, cheese, and tinned veggies (not bad at all), Sample is a very nice choice, too.

        2. Robin Des Bois has great apps, including a fine chacuterie plate on a large wooden chopping block. It also has one of the best gardens in the neighborhood. I always take guests there and they love it.