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Jul 29, 2006 01:38 AM

Lobstah Downeast!

Will be in the following Maine towns next week: Eastport, Ellsworth, and Belfast. Please send tips about lobster pounds and good eats in these areas. Thank you!

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  1. There is no such thing as gourmet dining in extreme eastern Maine. Yet a decent dinner is possible. To eat like the locals, go to the WaCo Diner (it stands for Washington County, not that place in Texas). They can probably set you up with a lobster. And you ought to try La Sardina Loca. The food is pretty good and it looks like a Grateful Dead left-over. The ambience alone is worth the trip. And where else can you get a fresh crabmeat enchilada?

    While in Eastport, you should also visit Raye's Mustard Mill. They've been cranking out made-on-the-premises stone-ground mustard since 1900. It's excellent.

    On your way from Ellsworth to Eastport, you might stop in Machias at Helen's Restaurant. The food is fine, nothing special but not bad either, but the pies are regionally famous.

    In the Ellsworth area: for lobster, you can't beat the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. It's very basic, just great lobster and a great view.

    Things are changing quickly in Belfast. You might check out Hobart Fensterwald's post from a few days ago, and chowhounds' responses.

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      Checkman-thanks for the great suggestions! I can't find that post about Belfast that you mention--help!

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        Go to the New England board, then keep clicking OLDER until you get to Friday, July 21. You'll find Hobart Fensterwald's post there.

        I forgot to mention the New Friendly Restaurant because I myself have not eaten there & I don't like to recommend places just from a guidebook. But my trusty book (Explorer's Guide, by Tree and Oxnard, the guidebook even the locals use) does recommend it. It's right on Route 1 in Perry, just before Eastport. Maybe a better place for lobster than the Waco Diner.

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          Followed your directions and got that post! Thank you so much!
          I am also going to try to go find that book you mentioned.

    2. Oooh, a postscript -- you're coming right into blueberry season. See if there aren't kids selling home-picked blueberries by the side of the road near the Passamaquoddy reservation. Probably hand-picked, pesticide-free, and yummy!

      1. On our way to Ellsworth a few weeks ago we stopped at Just Barb's on Rt 1 in Stockton Springs. Great lobster roll with great french fries, great fried clams. We were as happy with the onion rings because they lacked flavor. Didn't have room for pie unfortunately. Looks like a place the locals frequent.
        Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries is scrumptious and healthy! You should see lots of blueberry sellers along Rt 1.

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          Lobster rolls and fries---yum--that's what we're looking for! thank you!

        2. Chase's Daily in Belfast is excellent - they use their own fresh produce. And if you make it as far south as Rockland, don't miss Primo. And it's blueberry season! Get everything with Maine wild blueberries that you can!

          1. You cannot beat Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, in Trenton, but In Ellsworth, Trigilio's Italian is excellent, as well as Union River Lobster Pound, which in a lot of ways is better then Trenton Bridge because of its variety, and being on the river bank. They also have Lobster dinners cooked to order, as well as a variety of fish and meat. If you are there during the day, stop into Larry's Pastry Shop and gain a pound or two. Also, for your information, Blueberry season is coming very soon, and if you drive 4-5 miles outide of Ellsworth, you will see blueberry fields and hundreds of blueberry pickers. Its neat to see how they pick with special blueberry rakes that are hand held, but back breaking. Enjoy. Irwin