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Jul 29, 2006 01:30 AM

Good Thai by Merchandise Mart

Hi - DC hound in town for work on Monday. Promised to take my boss to Spoon Thai - but alas I think we won't make it to our meetings in time. Any other reccomendation for an early dinner say 4ish close the merchandise mart? Preferably Thai - but am open need to be in and out in an hour.

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  1.'re kinda out of luck. There's Silver Spoon(Spoon's sister restaurant) over by the Thai consulate. It's decent(but...really, not nearly in the same league as the original), but the good stuff is off least the last time I was there...the Thai menu compared to the sushi menu is pretty small. Otherwise, I can't think of anything directly by Merchandise Mart and the Thai offerings in the loop, though others may argue quality, are pedestrian compared to the extraordinary Chicago Thai restaurants further north.

    1. There is Singha that is near the Mart - it is at 350 N Clark and the food is good -