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Jul 29, 2006 01:18 AM

Ma La Beef Tendon

I love the thinly sliced beef tendon bathed in the spicy, mouth-numbing ma la sauce that one gets at Shanghai restaurants. I have plenty of recipes for the Ma La sauce, but nothing for how to prepare beef tendon (which I can get from markets here in Toronto). Does anyone have a recipe!? I'm THIS close to having as much beef tendon as I can eat...

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  1. You braised the beef tendons, like you would with a piece of beef shank. Usually I buy a whole shank, attached to it willl be some tendons. The whole thing gets dunk into a pot with plenty of soy sauce, star anise, rice wine, and "lou way" packet if you can get your hands on one. Sorry, I can't spell Chinese, but basically, it's pre-packed braising seasoning packets. If you don't have those skip it. By the time you add the ma la, you can't taste other seasoning anyways!

    Braise over low heat, for hours (sorry can't tell you how long) until the meat is tender, maybe 2-3 hours?

    I assume the same procedure can be done with just a big pot of tendons.

    But wait to see if you get other replies :)

    1. ".. as much beef tendon as I can eat..." You are not going to have much to eat if you over cook (braise) it. :-) I learned it the hard way... 2 lb of tendons turn into 2 oz. and a VERY gelatinous souce with a layer of fat floating on top!

      I'd follow the above reply, perhaps 1/2 wateh 1/2 soy sauce. Depending on how much you're making, I'd check it after an hour or two. What makes this a little tricky is that tendons are more toothsome when cold. Eaten warm (or hot) is almost like eating fat.

      BTW, ginger, and plenty of it, is the a key spice when cooking.

      Experiment and Have fun! Let us know how it turns out.

      1. An hour or two is way too long for beef shank. It will start to fall apart (if that's what you want). 40 min is the best time, take it out and let the meat and the braising sauce cool completely (very important). Put the meat back in the cold braising liquid and leave overnight. As for tendon I would take it out after an hour and again let it cool completely add the tendon back in the liquid leave overnight.

        1. duckliver... can you send me a couple of ma la sauce recipes? I just got back from Beijing and I am addicted.