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Jul 29, 2006 12:47 AM

New flavor combinations you really enjoy

At the risk of having everyone respond with, "You've never had THAT before?!" I will say that in the process of making some corn salad last week I squeezed a lemon over some freshly-sauteed corn and was simply delighted with the combination, even before adding the other ingredients.

When you cook corn you think of emphasizing the sweet aspect or deepening the flavor with some butter, but putting something tart on it gave it a different dimension. What a treat.

Anyone else have any other chance food epiphanies you'd like to share?

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  1. I am madly in love with nectarines or peaches on peanut butter toast. Adding marionberries will drive you up a wall. It is the best.

    1. I just had seared foie gras with strawberries. Yes, it sounds odd. Yes, I was skeptical. But my philosophy is, "leave no foie behind!" I was out to dinner with a group tonight and the chef sent out that, and another seared foie with figs, which I had had before. I tried the strawberry one first and was delightfully surprised!

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      1. re: Non Cognomina

        often foie gras is parired with a rich fruit--I just had blueberries and corn puree with foie gras. Yummy.

        1. re: Non Cognomina

          Had seared foie with a vanilla sauce a couple of months ago. It was wonderful.

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            fois gras with ruhbarb is pretty good, Vongerichten suggests a reduced OJ/wine/ginger sauce and that is also good.

            1. re: steinpilz

              I was gonna say vanilla. I've seen foie gras with tuna tartare before and also with a "Hibiscus Honey-Soy glaze."


          2. Peanut butter on my hamburger. PB & J, too!

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            1. re: OliveBelle

              My father used to eat peanut butter on his hotdogs and loved it. He said it came from post-depression when they didn't have butter to put on their hotdog bun so they tried peanut butter (he and his siblings were kids at the time) and they all really liked it. He ate it up until the day he died.

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                there is a burger joint in missouri that specializes in this dish.... The Wheel Diner serves the world famous Gooberburger.... awesome.

              2. Although not new one combo I was surprised by was watermelon and feta.

                I love sweet with another note such as salty, sour, and savory. So I love things like raisins in sauteed rapini and strawberries with a good balsamic.

                PB goes with any fruit! Especially apples!


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                1. re: j2brady

                  I just started using balsamic vinegar in strawberries and loved it! Now it's the way to go for me, with the addition of honey to soften the tart of the vinegar. Makes the most flavorful and unique taste! I love it over ice cream of angel food cake.

                  1. re: cooknKate

                    Yep, it DOES taste excellent! And the better quality the strawberries and the vinegar, the better it will taste.

                    1. re: TexasToast

                      I love this - I usually add black pepper too.

                    2. re: cooknKate

                      Add some mangoes to the mix! It's great with both ice cream and angel food cake.

                  2. Jam omelettes. Usually with strawberry jam. Maple syrup is good too.

                    Hummus and pickled beets. Wonderful sandwich.