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Jul 29, 2006 12:13 AM

Truxton's report

Truxton’s is a welcome addition to Westchester’s rather pathetic dining scene. With Ayara, the estimable little Thai restaurant around the corner on 87th St, Truxton’s gives locals who might really care about their food another place to go.

Billed as an “American Bistro,” Truxton’s menu is basically upscale comfort food. Mac & cheese (very good), burgers (excellent indeed), pasta (spaghetti & meatballs for those who crave retro), plus some rather strange throwins – an unexplainable & almost inedible “Vietnamese” avocado spring roll & a wonderful Argentine skirt steak for instance. Lots of generous salad choices as well. All dishes at our table were very well prepared & presented.

Huge windows & open floor plan give the well-designed & executed space an airy feeling. Makes it hard to believe that the oppressive Maison Wang’s was there last. CARPETING – yes!! – absorbs a surprising amount of noise in the otherwise hard-surfaced design. Well-proportioned bar & accessible wine list (Folie et Deux’s Menage a Trois Meritage, for instance, is priced at $33 IIRC.)

Tim Foley, the managing partner, is now serving as peripatetic host, working frantically putting out service fires, inevitable in week 1. These will surely be ironed out soon.

All in all, not much the Grubs would change for this resto’s family-oriented, cost-conscious Westchester market. Maybe cloth napkins & some kind of placemat/bistro table covering, which would enhance the dining experience at relatively little added cost.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Will Check it out.

    Truxton's American Bistro
    8611 Truxton Avenue (at Manchester Avenue)
    Los Angeles
    (310) 417-8789

    1. Tried it, liked it - they made flattened chicken breast taste very nice - and any restaurant that accomplishes that is probably a good one.

      The decor and lighting is kind of halfway between what I'd expect of an American bistro and a brand spanking new Denny's. Going in there makes me want to order breakfast.

      Wonderful, attentive staff and an interesting menu - would you call it 'American fusion'? I'll be back, and will probably try one of their yummy-sounding salads. The description of a tofu burger with Chinese 5-spice rub made me really tempted to even try that.

      1. Wrote this inyesterday report on Truxton's. Truxton's is my new favorite casual restaurant in the La area. As long time reidents in the South Bay this new affordable and tasty restaurant is just what Westchester needed. I've been on several occasions and have yet to find a menu item or service that wasn't excellent. If you get a chance try it out and don't forget to order a mojito as it was the best I've ever had. Cheers