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Jul 29, 2006 12:05 AM

Something Mom made that you loved, only later to discovery it was made "incorrectly"?

Was there a dish (or two maybe) that Mom (or Dad) made for you as a toddler growing up that you grew quite fond of but later realized it was made "incorrectly"?

For example ... my Mom made me spaghetti w/marina sauce consisting of soy sauce, hoison sauce and tomato paste. And the noodles weren't the Italian (or American) pasta variety, but the dried Chinese noodles.

It was really quite good and it wasn't until about the middle of grade school did I realize this wasn't what "spaghetti" was all about.

And you?

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  1. Maybe hers was a Chinese version of spaghetti?

    1. I can't imagine what your spaghetti tasted like, salty, sweetish and tomato-ey all in one. My mother made lots of stuff which wasn't the standard version, but I wouldn't call it incorrect, just different. She never understood turkey stuffing. She tried the recipes with bread and just didn't like them (I don't either). So she developed an Asian stuffing based on ground pork and veal with water chestnuts, black mushrooms and soy with lots of ground white pepper. We all loved it, it tasted a lot better than the turkey. But was it wrong? I don't think so.

      1. I grew up in the 50s and my mom served the family "chili con carne" that had no chili powder in it at all. It was ground beef with sauteed onions, garlic, celery, green peppers, canned kidney beans, canned tomatoes, and condensed tomato soup. I loved it then and continue to make it now, to serve with elbow macaroni, shells or bowties. But imagine my surprise when, as a young adult, I had chili con carne at a restaurant for the first time and discovered what she had left out. I still prefer "Mildred's Chili."

        1. My mom's baked custard always separated and I was well into college before I realized that custard should not have that curdled look.

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            My Mom always made “hard sauce” to go with the purchased plum pudding at Christmas. After she died (when I was 20), I took over the cooking of holiday meals, and proudly made a recipe for hard sauce from a reputable cook book. It was delicious, but nothing like what my mother made.

            Years later, I was working as a sous chef in a French Restaurant and curdled a batch of creme anglaise...which, had it been heavily spiked with brandy, would have been a dead ringer for my Mom's “hard sauce”.

          2. My dad is Scottish so I grew up with the traditional British style Sunday roast. It always consisted of either roast pork with aplesauce or roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, and "roasted potatoes".

            The roasted potatoes were done in the deep fryer so there was nothing roasted about them!