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Jul 28, 2006 11:52 PM

Kyoho grapes in season yet?

Has anyone sighted this grape at our local farmers' markets?

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  1. Yes - today I spotted a new vendor from Temecula who only brough in Kyoho grapes and Japanese melons. This was at the Pasadena Farmers Market.

    1. Just saw a stand selling them at the Irvine farmers market this morning. I went late and only very little was left so I can't report on the quality.

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        I got to the Pasadena Market about 9 and got to sample a Kyoho -- very good and sweet - reminded me a bit of a Concord. The vendor had plenty.... I just hope he's there next week.

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          Thanks! Wouldn't you know I missed the Irvine market this weekend? I'll try to get there early next week.

        2. Yep, I went to the Irvine farmers market around 8am and saw a stand selling these. What do they taste like?

          1. I saw them at the Beverly Hills farmers' market this morning, but was in a rush and didn't stop to taste them. The vendor sold only Kyoho grapes.

            1. They were at the Studio City market yesterday -- two vendors selling them. I can't say I get it (they taste like grape jelly, which I don't love) but they're there. $3.50 lb.