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Jul 28, 2006 11:12 PM

Must find..but only vague memory of restaurant

It's an italian restaurant, or they do make a very nice pizza at least, below 14th, near Union Sq. Maybe near or in teh place of what was FOOD?

Started if memory serves (and this was only last year) by one or two doctors wanting to serve organic food. Beautiful restatuant, great food, low key ambiance. any help for a failing memory?

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    1. re: Lucia

      Definitely not Gonzo. Could be Piola but the front door in the video looks wrong and the place looks big.

      It's just below Union Sq., on the north side of the street, maybe 12th or 11th. Dark, woody, tables a bit close, but tables were large. Anyway, I'll try Piola, walk over there this evening. Thanks!!

      1. The location doesn't fit but I ate at a place called Quartino that was Italian-Ligurian cuisine way downtown on Peck Slip/Water St. that was had a healthy menu & was rumoured to have been started by doctors. Some time later I remember reading they had opened a second restaurant, same name(?) maybe, in Noho area.
        They had great pizza & roasted vege's that they stuck in the pizza oven-I never knew a beet could taste that good. Good luck in finding your place if it isn't the newer location...