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Jul 28, 2006 10:58 PM

Caffe Luxxe in SM

Thanks to Ristretto for pointing me towards this new cafe/coffee
h(e)aven. Lovely space in a minimalist way.

Went in and had a single shot of espresso to test the waters. Mark the owner joined me in a shot at the bar since all of their pulls are doubles. It was lovely - all the things a shot of espresso should be.

I then had an iced cafe latte - it IS still hot out there, after all. Also wonderful, but in a way it was a shame to dillute a perfectly pulled espresso.

For now, they have pastries and breads. Unfortunately, I didn't try any. Mark said that he was still trying out various ingredients now, but he planned on offering store-made sandwiches in about a month. If he is as much of a perfectionist for food as he is for espresso, I think I will have a new regular lunch spot. The staff was very friendly and wanted to chat - about espresso, about food, about soccer. I have high hopes.

Caffe Luxxe
925 Montana Ave

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  1. Thanks for posting about this place. I live a couple of blocks away. I went in and because of the heat had an iced soy latte--nice subtle flavor but of course only hints at the quality. I will definitely go back. I love the look of the place. Wish they had more tables but I guess they're not allowed from what they said.

    1. Cafe Luxxe is an oasis is a land of chain coffee. The lattes are superb. Great place to truly "meet for coffee".

      1. impressed with cafe Luxxe.
        My double machiatto was the real deal!
        The owner is friendly and lovingly pulls each shot.
        I wish this business the best. If I lived on that side of time, I would be there every morning.

        1. Another satisfied customer here. The macchiato was lovely in flavor and presentation. The environment is cool, uncluttered, unhurried; it may be on the austere side for some, but it is a calming change of pace from the hubbub of the other coffee places in the area. It was blessedly free of laptops and screenplays, which is a big plus in my book. ;-)

          Also, as a tall person, I got a kick out of the extra-tall tables paired with normal height chairs. I usually find myself accordian-folded or hunched over my coffee, so the tall tables were a godsend. There are also standard-height tables and chairs, and a window-side bar with tall chairs, for normal mortals.

          Two dollars buys a lot of beauty in that place.

          1. They don't have sandwiches or lunch food yet.

            I went in there today with a bunch of friends thinking there would be lunch food available. There wasn't. The original post in this thread, dated July, mentioned the owner was considering selling sandwiches and stuff, so naturally I thought that since it's October, they'd have done it by now.

            Guess not. I was sorely disappointed, too hungry to just get a coffee, so we walked out looking kind of dorky and lame. Ha.

            I was too embarrassed to ask anything other than "Do you have sandwiches or lunch food?" after they said no. One young Italian-looking guy was really cute though. Will go back for him.

            If anyone knows more about Luxxe's future menu plans, please speak up. I will try going there tomorrow with the goal of having coffee instead of food.


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            1. re: buttermarblepopcorn

              i was just there (yes, again) and i saw that they now do have sandwiches for lunch. 2 of them, one is a veggie sandwich and the other is a serrano ham. they said they make them fresh every day - i cannot speak to how they are, i go for the coffee, not the food!

              1. re: spressogeek

                the coffee is excellent. The pastries are from BreadBar, so they are also very good. And they also have Amedei chocolates for sale, which is probably the finest chocolate I've ever tasted. And pound-for-pound, it is the most expensive chocolate I've ever purchased. But I like it, so why not?

                1. re: glutton

                  They also have the most delicous biscotti with orange peels.