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Jul 28, 2006 10:46 PM

Science Fans! My Ice Cream Needs You

I am stuck with using UHT milk and cream for everything (I'm in Haiti and it's the only kind available) including my ice cream, which means that my ice cream is stuck tasting like it was made with UHT milk. Not good. I've not had success masking the flavor with other ingredients, so now I'm thinking about trying to change the flavor of the milk itself. The problem? I don't really have any ideas about how to do this. I'm kind of surprised that heating the milk to make the custard base hasn't worked..... my homemade yogurt doesn't taste UHT-y at all.

Any advice from the food science crowd?

Thanks for your help!

ann marie

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  1. Not too sure what UHT milk is but, how about combining it w/coconut milk? Or, par boiling the milk w/ sugar and vanilla beans or ?? KQ

    1. What about making frozen yogurt? I've made this with fresh strawberries and preferred it to ice cream. I can dig up the recipe if you're interested.

      Or you could use evaporated milk with your UHT milk or in place of it. Would that be preferable? There's an online recipe for chocolate gelato which uses evaporated because of its caramel flavor.

      1. Ohh, good ideas! And I'm heading to the grocery store in the AM, so I will pick up coconut and evaporated milk.

        KQ - UHT is "ultra-heat treated" milk - it's long-shelf life milk that is sold especially in places that don't have consistent power supplies. Port-au-Prince only has between 5 and 8 hours of electricity daily, and not everyone has a generator. So it's a really great idea, and for most things it's fine, but when the quality of the milk or cream is super-important, it's kind of a bummer.

        Cheryl, I'd love the yogurt recipe. We do have lovely strawberries here.


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          Hi Ann Marie,

          Here's the frozen yogurt recipe link (scroll down):

          And here's a chcolate gelato recipe using evaporated milk:

          I'm sure you also have wonderful mangoes. I think they would go well with evaporated milk or in the yogurt recipe.

          Good luck and please tell us how it turns out.

        2. Track down a farmer with a cow?

          Evaporated milk, taste wise, is like UHT times 4, as it's been exposed to much more taste impairing heat than UHT has.

          Condensed milk, because of it's sugar content, has been exposed to less heat. That might be a better way to go. The Indian version of ice cream, kulfi, is frequently made with condensed milk.

          Because of the lack of emulsifying milk proteins, coconut milk can have textural/ice crystal problems in ice cream. If you add enough egg yolks, you might be alright, but you'll probably need other emulsifiers and/or stabilizers. In general, I've found coconut milk ice cream chemistry to be a pain in the butt.

          Two ice cream flavors should help mask the off taste of the cooked milk a little better than the others. Coffee and caramel. If you go strong enough with the cocoa in a chocolate ice cream, that should help as well.

          Do you have different brands of UHT milk? I'm sure the processing varies slightly between each brand. You might want to try another brand, if possible.

          1. Hello,

            I have had success making sherbet with condensed milk. Perhaps try that.

            I used 2/3 cups condensed milk, 4 cups of OJ, one can of crucsed pineapple, not drained, and one can of mandarin orange slices, drained, half added to the whole mix and half added at the last minute so they stay whole. In an ice cream maker it worked quite well.