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Jul 28, 2006 10:36 PM

oregon wines - columbia river gorge specifically

i recently fell in love with the entire state of oregon, one major reason being the delicious gewurztraminers we tried at many of the wineries along the columbia river gorge. i highly recommend any wine, hiking, camping or windsurfing enthusiasts to schedule a summer trip out there, ASAP! it's not crowded at all, even on holiday weekends, and it's absolutely breathtaking. we spent a week sunbathing on the riverbank surrounded by an arsenal of local gewurztraminers and hard ciders. truly the most relaxed i've ever been in my entire life.

what do you all think about this region? which wines do you love enough to buy a case of?

living in PA, i am somewhat bound by state stores, but not completely because i get to travel often. one of my favorites found in the state store is hogue gewurztraminer; pretty bottle too!

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  1. Which wineries did you visit. As an Oregonian I like to hear the specifics on what people like. Did you find any reds? I always associate the Gorge and Columbia valley with Syrahs and Cabs and even a little zin.

    1. Try Dry Hollow Winery, it's in The Dalles and really worth the drive. The have a stellar syrah and a cab/merlot blend that's pretty good. Erin Glenn, also in The Dalles is alot of fun. The tasting room is one of the original U.S. mints. Really nice people too. Oh, great stuff just across the river too. Check out Waving Tree, (photo), great grenache..

      1. Check out Syncline. Really nice folks. Really nice Rhone style wines. I don't think they are too far from the Dalles.

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          I tried a pinot noir from Daedalus cellers. Very good but hard to find

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            Sineann makes some great wines.

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