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Jul 28, 2006 10:18 PM

Looking for a taste of Louisiana in LA

Hey hounds, just stumbled on this website about three hours ago and I'm completely hooked. I got back from Southeast Louisiana a few months ago and am just craving the food I had down there. I'm talking catfish, crawfish and crab boils, red beans and rice, etouffes (spelling?), the good stuff. Anybody know any places around LA? I'm willing to drive. Oh and anybody know a good place I can get some brisket? Cheers!

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  1. Nothing wrong with the Gumbo Pot at the Farmer's Market.

    A happy hour pitcher of Fat Tire from the 360 Bar and the GP's red beans & rice is all I really need...

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    1. re: blacksab67

      WHAT?! Everything's wrong with The Gumbo Pot at the Farmer's Market! The étouffée is black and watery with no tomato when it should be thick and over rice. The jambalaya has tomato and is soupy. All of it is overspiced, like the cooks are trying to mask the flavor of poor ingredients. My mother and her family are from south Louisiana, and I know Louisiana food, and The Gumbo Pot's food is to Cajun and Creole food what Taco Bell is to Mexican cuisine.

      Harold & Belle's scratches my itch well enough when I don't want to make it myself.

      1. re: Woolsey

        I haven't been to the Gumbo Pot in a long time, but from what I can recall, it was good enough. Far better than the hyperboles you're flaming it with.

        1. re: slacker

          There are no hyperboles here. It's horrendous stuff. The dishes had no resemblance to their true counterparts. Étouffée is not a black soup. Jambalaya is not runny tomato rice. It all tasted like those terrible packets of spice mixes sold to tourists in the French Quarter. Maybe it's good enough for people who don't know their Louisiana food, but it was three-quarters of a plate of inedible food into the trash for me.

          I crossed paths with customers walking away with po' boys when walking through the Farmer's Market a few weeks ago, and they have some mighty skimpy portions of seafood on them there.

          1. re: Woolsey

            It's not Taco Bell to me. I have absolutely no claim to truly knowing Lousiana food; I've eaten around New Orleans a couple of times, but I don't think that counts. I thought what I had at the Gumbo Pot was fine for what it is. Maybe it's not the true blue, but it wasn't exactly horrible.

    2. For a taste of Lousiana, try

      The Creole Chef
      3715 Santa Rosalia Drive
      Los Angeles
      (323) 294-2433


      the more upscale
      Harold & Belle's
      2920 West Jefferson Blvd.
      Los Angeles
      (323) 735-9023

      I have read some positive Chowhound reviews of crawfish boils served at some restaurants in the Little Saigon area of Garden Grove area. One of these restaurants is:

      Boiling Crab
      14241 Euclid St., #C116
      Garden Grove
      (714) 265-2722

      Elmomonster's review of Boiling Crab:

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      1. re: Norm Man

        they just recently opened a Boiling Crab location in Alhambra(much closer to LA).

        Went last week and its just as good as the garden grove location.

        742 W Valley Blvd
        Alhambra, CA 91804

        1. re: Norm Man

          love the fish + sweet potato fries at the creole chef!

          don't particularly enjoy their rendition of gumbo though

        2. In Hermosa Beach, we have Rajun Cajun cafe, on Pier Ave. I've actually never been, but others have told me that it's good.

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          1. re: Nicole

            Rajun Cajun can be very is as close to LA(the other one) you will get in SoCal...Louisiana family run, the gumbo is almost as good as mine and the seafood dishes are bountiful and reasonable!

            1. re: Nicole

              uggh...i hated that place....everything was deep fried....badly!

              mushy etoufee.....(they have these combo plates)....

              although they do have voodoo beer....

            2. I always get the Louisiana itch! A couple of suggestions: For some odd reason, Hermosa Beach has more NOLA spots than all of LA!

              As Nicole mentioned, the Ragin Cajun in Hermosa Beach is fun, pretty decent grub, and loaded with fun New Orleans ephemera. We've only been once, but were pretty satisified.


              Also, two more in Hermosa (we've never been to either but their on our list), Cafe Boogaloo just down the hill from Ragin Cajun, a blues club with full Louisiana-style menu


              Then there's the New Orleans Cafe, also just down the street from the other two. Never been, but maybe it's good?


              Good Luck!

              PS, We just went to the Palace Grill in Santa Barbara and had a most fabulous time. It's so festive in there and they really get into NOLA sounds, sights and smells.


              1. I second the Palace Grill. Soft shell crabs are epic.