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Jul 28, 2006 10:10 PM

Let's help any Hound favorites in the blackout area

I heard on the radio yesterday (but can't seem to find any info on the net) about a food tour designed to help the restaurants affected by the blackout in Queens. They were planning to bus people into the area to spend some much needed money. Are there any Hound favorites that were in the affected area (or any of the other blackout areas) that might need our support?

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  1. I was wondering about Spicy Mina. I don't know Queens well at all, but I did read that Sunnyside was one of the blackout neighbornoods.

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    1. re: gnosh

      Spicy Mina disappeared from the boards a long time before the blackout.

      1. re: gnosh

        Just returned from Spicy Mina. They were in excellent form. They were without power for 7 days.

      2. Actually, Spicy Mina is in Woodside - I didn't pass it during the blackout, but that general area was dark for a while.

        1. With something like this thought in mind, I trekked out to astoria last night to hit the Kebab Cafe. The place was closed and, looking through the windows, completely ripped up inside. No signs or explanations. Anybody know the deal?.

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            Wow! If you don't get a response in this thread, could you please start a new topic with a Kebab Café heading and reask your question. This could be serious bad news. Or it could just be a heatwave thing, as the place can get intolerably uncomfortable when it gets as hot as it is now.

            1. re: bobjbkln

              Just by chance, my yoga teacher was talking about her trip to Kebab Cafe on Sunday - it's closed because something crucial (stove? refrigerator?) was damaged by the power outtage. She said Ali told them he would be renovating. I wish I knew more, but if anyone knows when he'll be reopening, we should show up in support.

            2. re: rstn

              i walked by (i live near there) tonight and things seemed okay. it's monday and he's always closed mondays so i didn't talk to him, but it looks like some cleaning and reorganization is being done. the stove and chairs are all still in place but the "ingredient cabinet" (what else would you call it" and refrigerator are not there. i'd say nothing to get worried about.

              1. re: babar ganesh

                I didn't look in but I would think that if Ali was affected by the power outage he might have had to take out or otherwise clean and air out the fridge, etc. A blackout doesn't just affect the lights for a restauranteer.

                1. re: JH Jill

                  agreed. but the stuff that's moved wasn't all refrigerated in the first place. anyway, i'll stop by and ask him sometime soon; it's too hot to walk outside today.

                  1. re: babar ganesh

                    I drove by around 5:30pm. Closed w/lights out. Looked more like a cleaning up than anything else. Mombar was closed as well. Ali not around.

            3. I've recently tried a Peruvian (though sort of modern pan-Latino) place called Raíces at 25-39 Steinway Street, mainly because they're having some interesting South American tertulias (evenings of poetry and music in Spanish) on Thursdays around 8:30 p.m. It was closed down for the blackout, but I hope to go back this Thursday. It's quite a pleasantly decorated place, moderately priced with amazing yuca frita (fried cassava), a lot of seafood apps and entrées I can't eat but people seem to enjoy, some of the salteados (Peruvian sautéed mixtures over rice), salads, a Peruvian potato dish or two, as well as a bar and South American beers. I have to explore the menu more, but I like it. It's not Kabab Café, but it's for a different sort of evening.

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                1. re: tracyk

                  according to their online menu ( they do have it.

              1. In Sunnyside, I'd say hit Bliss, Quaint. Bliss looked like they
                had partial power towards the end of the blackout, but the crowds were staying away. Also noticed this past Friday, even after full power was restored, it was empty. For a Friday night, that's not good.