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Pepper Grinder

Can anybody recommend a good middle-of-the-line brand pepper grinder that will grind coarsely?


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  1. Peugeot. Check out Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma. Both carry the entire line.

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      I agree about Peugeot, I'm on my second one now. These are wood with really solid grinding gears.

    2. Get the Magnum Plus Peppermill made by Unicorn. It was picked as the best Peppermill after comparative tests of various Peppermills by Cook's Illustrated. The Magnum Plus produced the most ground pepper per turn of the peppermill, has a large capacity and is easily adjusted for various grinds (coarse, fine, extra fine).

      1. Thanks! Where can I find the Magnum Plus Peppermill?

        1. Amazon has the Magnum Plus listed

          You can do a Google search for other sellers of the Magnum Plus Peppermill to compare prices.

          Note that Unicorn make a Magnum Plus Peppermill and a Magnum Peppermill. It was the Magnum Plus (it's larger than the Magnum) that won the tests conducted by Cooks Illustrated.

          I purchased my Magnum Plus Peppermill for $35 plus tax from a restaurant supply store in Los Angeles.

          1. I have two Magnums -- the little one for the table, and the big one for the kitchen -- I love them both, and will never buy any other kind. Actually, they will probably outlast me, as they are very well built. They're also easy to load (large capacity) and extremely easy to adjust.

            1. I found this pepper mill at an out of the way gourmet store in California 20 years ago. It is one of the things I gave up in my divorce 15 years ago. I have been searching for it (albeit not too diligently) ever since. It is not mass-marketed and difficult to find, even online. After reading this post and knowing that this fantastic item must still be manufactured, I finally found it.


              I should note that I have never tried the Magnum and at present use the classic Perfex mill, but mark my words, I'm snatching up this Pepper Mate as soon as I finish this post.

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                I have had 2 Perfex mills (a small & a large) for over 30 years. I like them because they are easy to load and the burrs are sturdy and adjustable.I like a coarse grind, but can go finer if I want.
                Most of all - I like the way they look - they are machines!

              2. Atlas, a Greek company makes indestructable Pepper mills of Brass and Copper. Adjustable grinding from very fine to very corse. I have had mine almost fifteen years and it is as good as the day I bought it. Now available at Williams Sonoma for around $50-60

                1. Peugeot here too. I've had mine for at least 15 years and it still works perfectly. Couldn't tell you which one - it's a black lacqured mid-sized one. Love it.

                  1. http://www.wmboundsltd.com/

                    By far, the best pepper mill I have ever used. Better than Peugeot.

                    1. I have a Peugeot and a Unicorn Magnum. The Magnum BLOWS the doors off the Peugeot -- better grind control, better output, easier loading.

                      My Peugeot now serves as a bit of kitchen decoration...

                      1. My husband is a pepper grinder freak. The one I use the most is my little OXO hand grinder..front loader.