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Jul 28, 2006 09:38 PM

Lunch in Tustin?

My company just relocated to Tustin, and I am desperately seeking new chow places for lunch. I would love to find some yummy new (cheap) places to grab lunch for the every day, but I would also like something a little nicer for sit down lunches with clients. We are at Red Hill and Warner, and so far I’ve had to take 3 meetings at the Citrus Café. I’m over that. Other than that and Panda Express and Del Taco, I can’t find anything within 5 – 10 me please! Thanks


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  1. You are in a good spot.
    HK Market (on Redhill and Walnut) has a good food court
    Good bibimbap and sashimi salad options, never tried the chinese stall yet but the huge omlet stuffed with fried rice they have is calling my name (most items are $6-$8 but HUGE!)

    Dosa Place (Redhill and El Camino) for Indian Dosas

    Noodle Avenue (Redhill and El Camino) all things noodle for cheap
    I think I always get the house noodle soup (dry). Forget the name of it, but pretty sure that was it

    Zons Baguette (Newport and Mitchell) cheap vietnamese sandiwiches for like $2 -$3
    - Good grilled chicken and bbq pork sandwiches
    - Lots of vietnamese sweets as well and strong coffee (cafe su da)

    There are others, but I am drawing a blank

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      Ah! You hit on the ones I forgot!

      Second HK Market, Dosa Place, and Noodle Avenue!

      Dosa Place has a formidable lunch buffet...and awesome dosas that are their namesake.

      Noodle Avenue PHOTOS:

      1. re: elmomonster

        I third Dosa Place. One of my favorite places around and my go-to Indian place. Love the dosas, tandoori chicken, yogurt rice (only on weekends, I think) and the desserts.

    2. There's so many places in Tustin worth going to, it's dizzying.

      Here are some of my favorites:

      For every day eats, try Zon Baguettes on Newport and Mitchell. $2.00 Vietnamese Sandwiches and smoothies.


      For a great Hawaiian plate lunch, Waikiki Hawaiian Grill on Newport. Try their chicken katsu. You won't be disappointed.


      For deli sandwiches with an Italian bent, try Claro's. They're also a great place to grab some groceries for dinner.


      For bringing clients, Zov's Bistro (they have a cafe side that's a little cheaper). Mediterranean with a French flair.


      Tropika in Tustin is also a great option. Malaysian, with white table cloth tables and a full bar.


      1. Jerry's Dogs is just up the freeway, at the 17th St exit, on the other side of the 55 freeway. There is also a Farmer Boys across the street from Jerry's Dogs.