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Jul 28, 2006 09:31 PM

Pimms Cup - please, bartender, please

love Pimms Cup, but can never find bars that serve one


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  1. when you find out please let me know!
    This is the standard holiday drink of the summer for me and one of my firends, but we always have to make our own, since we don't know of any bars that make them.

    1. Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary makes Pimms Cups, I'm sure.
      Call them at 415.885.4074 to confirm.

      1. Isn't Pimm's Cup a proprietary mix that comes in bottles? It used to be; there were actually several versions, depending on what spirit was used. Pimm's No. 1 was a gin "sling," and there were Nos. 2 through 6, as I recall; my favorite (was it #4?) was brandy-based. But last time I checked, the only one still available was #1, which I'm pretty sure I've seen in liquor stores recently.

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        1. re: rootlesscosmo

          No Pimms Cup is a mixed drink.

          Fill a tall 12 oz glass with ice and add 1 1/4 oz. Pimm's #1 and 3 oz lemonade
          Then top off with 7up or ginger ale
          Garnish with cucumber

        2. These places serve it

          Cafe de la Presse
          The Orbit Room Cafe

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          1. re: Scott M

            Lukas tap room made a mean pimms and champagne cocktail the last time I went which was over a year ago, admittedly. I am always asking for Pimm's in bars in SF and more often than not I am unlucky and they dont even stock it.

            I am confused about the cup thing. I know there is a cocktail called a cup, but the actual types of Pimms are also called cups and back in the day when it was easier to get more than just the gin based pimms. ie there was a No 1 cup a No 3 cup , No 5, No 7, each number referred to a different spirit base. It is printed on the lid still today No 1 Cup

            According to my Sauce guide (A british cocktail magazine I have in front of me as I write)

            Pimms classic = 2 shots pimms topped up with half and half lemonade(english style)/ginger beer

            Pimm's Cup = 2 shots pimms, 1/4 shot fresh squeezed lime, topped up with ginger beer

            both in a collins glass.

            English pubs weren't want to make fancy cocktails in my day, probably still dont if they are a real pub, so my drink of choice in a pub was often pimm's, lemonade (english white lemonade, fizzy), and a lemon garnish.

            At home I would do the same thing with cucumber and sometimes, if my plants were doing well, borage flowers in icecubes added.

            Here - the preference of mixer is the french or italian lemonade in the fancy glass bottles, but when I am being more of a cheapskate I resort to 7-Up. Not my ideal, but what else can I do?

            Mollie Stones are a good stockist of Pimms btw.


            1. re: Sixy

              Pimm's No. 1 (gin-based) Pimm's No.2 (Scotch-based), No.3 (brandy-based), No. 4 (rum-based), No.5 (rye-based) and No.6 (vodka-based). Only No. 1, No. 3 and No. 6 are produced today.

              I believe they are referred to as "cups" but the Pimm's cup cocktail uses Pimm's No.1. I think No. 3 is now called Pimm's Winter.

              1. re: Scott M

                I'd be willing to gamble on a bottle of the Winter--it was the brandy one, #3, that I used to drink on summer afternoons in the San Remo bar on Mason St., listening to the regulars slam their dice boxes on the bar. Any idea where I could find it?

          2. I read some pretty bad stuff about the Winter online, so I am in no hurry to try it! But I think you can only get No 1 in the USA?
            I think I used to drink no 6 when I was younger.