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Jul 28, 2006 09:15 PM

An easy-to-assemble-home-made tasting dessert CHALLENGE!

Hi Chowhounds! I was hoping to make my sick hubby a yummy dessert tonight. Here's the catch - we're staying at a short-term apartment (for reasons I won't bore you with) and all of my usual dessert making tools aren't available, e.g., mixer, measuring cups, pantry, etc. Is there something I can throw together with ingredients from a great supermarket like Whole Foods? I was thinking of vanilla ice cream over brownies topped with raspberries but that feels boring. Any inspired concoctions out there? Thank you!

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  1. My friend used to make this excellent dessert. I think you could just buy all the ingredients pre-made and assemble yourself without much difficulty:

    1. If you're near a Whole Foods, I'd go for one of those great fancy desserts from the bakery. They're more than enough for one (tiramisu, triple chocolate tart, strawberry tart, caramel tart, chocolate mousse)...they're so pretty, too.

      1. If you have good fruit available, how about grilled fruit glazed with honey and topped with mascarpone or creme fraiche or ice cream? Stone fruit (peaches, plums, nectarines), pineapple, figs, mangoes all work well. It's not much work and if the fruit is good and ripe, it's utterly delicious.

        1. How about rice pudding? It's comforting and you can jazzed it up.

          This one from Epicurious is our stand by.

          The additional of saffron and cardammon is great.

          And you don't really need to measure anything, just dump the milk into the pot with some rice and away you go!

          1. Easy, at home ...

            Trifle - store pound cake, instant pudding of your choosing, fresh fruit and a little whipped cread.

            How about a good old fashion 1970's era banana pudding. You know vanilla wafers, instant pudding mixed with fresh sliced banana and a little whip topping...

            And when all else fails bake off some Pepperidge Farms turnovers :)


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              Ooh, second the trifle. Although I prefer mine all chocolate: devil's food cake, choc pudding, and heath bars crumbled up where the fruit used to be. If you serve it in parfait glasses or anything transparent, it looks so fancy and wonderful.