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Jul 28, 2006 08:59 PM

is there any place to eat in south orange county after 10:30 pm?

my girlfriend and i were watching word team tennis in newport beach and wanted to munch on something afterwards. it was about 10:30 pm. for the life of us, we could not find a single place to eat!

we ended up getting in and out burger.

anywhere near aliso viejo would be preferred. non-chain establishments would be preferred as well, but i'm not holding my breath here.

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  1. Nory's Peruvian in Lake Forest is open late on weekends (I think until around 1 am), and they have live music during that time.

    The only problem is that they have a special menu which is just a limited selection of their regular one except jacked up about 50-75% in price.

    Is it worth it? That's subjective.

    If you're just looking for a quick bite to eat and chill, not so much.

    If you're out to dine, dance and party...then maybe.

    My previous Photo review of Nory's:

    1. The best late night place to eat in So. OC is Thai Bros. in downtown Laguna. Excellent Thai and stays open until 1:00 on weekends. There's always Harbor House in Dana Point - 24 hours. Unfortunately Aliso Viejo shuts down at 10:00 so you would have to venture out.

      1. In Newport:

        Kantina on the Harbor (the old Hooters site, now glammed up big time). Their kitchen is open until 11; 1am on weekends. It morphs into a club at that hour, but the kitchen is the real deal. Nuevo Latin fare.

        Blue Beet near the pier for decent American eat (steaks, ribs, fish) (and drinks) at low prices plus a scruffy beach vibe. A definitive come as you are joint.

        3Thirty3 on PCH (the old Yankee Tavern) is another hot lounge spot with upmarket chow and a kitchen that stays open until the bar closes, 2am daily.

        1. Mastros Ocean Club is open if you have the $$