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Jul 28, 2006 08:55 PM

any really COOL restaurants in town?

I've made the mistake several times recently of trying to eat in restaurants with little or no air conditioning. My b.f. is extremely sensitive to heat and in this weather and humidity, we're about to give up on going out. Can anyone think of any good, reasonably priced restaurants that keep it nice and cool inside?
Maybe Gingergrass or Taylors?
Here's a few that have been way too hot lately:
La Parilla in Silverlake -- don't even think about it
Angelini -- some air conditioning but still not enough
Magic Carpet -- zip
Sake House Miro -- zip

Help, we're about to pass out!

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  1. The other night I went with a friend to Jax Bar & Grill in Glendale. I'd never been there before. I was hoping it would be ferociously air-conditioned, have leatherette booths, be a bit dark and have strong drinks. It had all of that. The food was okay, nothing fabulous but plenty serviceable - we both had steaks and baked potatoes and salads - but by the time we stumbled out of there after a few drinks as well, we were happy.

    The one thing to watch out for is that they have a live jazz band. They weren't bad either, but you want to avoid sitting too near the stage - we were in a booth at the far back and it was perfect.

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      Jax exists for many people primarily as a music venue with food available. I think under those circumstances the food is amazingly good. Their signature salad (can't remember the name just off the bat) is a huge and very tasty thing - several of us shared an order one night and I loved it, even though I'm no fan of sweet dressings. And yes, we sit as close to the band as possible...

    2. Oh yeah, and I forgot: Casita Del Campo on Hyperion in Silverlake has really terrible food, but the margaritas are first rate, the chips and salsa are fine and it is also dark and heavily air-conditioned - especially around the bar.

      For what it's worth, my girlfriend always brings sweaters whenever we go to almost any Chinese place in the SGV, no matter how hot a day it's been. Then again, she's strange that way.

      1. i was surprised the other night that melisse was not properly air conditiioned. i mean, it wasn't that bad, but i was sticking to my dress the whole time. i'm sensitive to heat too. makes wonder if anywhere is cool enough.

        1. BF came home the other day to find me passed out on the couch, having fallen asleep without realizing that I was pretty much suffering from heat exhaustion. Lots of water later, I was still warm all over and we started thinking about places with cold food to eat. We couldn't think of any, so we started driving around just so I could cool down in the car. We ended up at Pho 99 on Wilshire (west of Bundy, but don't remember the exact cross. It's sort of across from the Pavilions).

          I was planning to get spring rolls, but the room was so cold I had a big bowl of pho instead and felt chilly by the time we left. Mission accomplished!

          1. Oh yeah, remember how cold New Concept was? Maybe the other poster was right about Chinese places.