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Gift Basket?

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Where can I buy a great "foodie" lover's gift basket? This is to celebrate a new baby. Online purchase is great.

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  1. If the recipient likes chocolate, the Jacque Torres hat box is pretty tasty. Well the stuff inside not the box itself. A nice variety of chocolates and chocolate covered things.

    1. Just an idea....

      Look: http://www.elismanhattan.com/store-ba...
      They have many baskets (the list is to the right of the graphic).

      Also: http://www.gourmetgiftbaskets.com/Bab...
      Check out your options. Most baby baskets DO NOT come with food, so you might want to opt for a basket for "any" occasion. Do a little browsing before you buy.

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      2. http://www.manhattanfruitier.com/

        1. Russ and Daughters has some wonderful set gift baskets which can be ordered via their website. But you can also call them and put together items of your own choosing.


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            I have sent Russ and Daughters gift basket to Michigan to rave reviews (sendee was born in Coney Island and was hankering for appetizing).

          2. Zingermans in Ann Arbor has a great basket for you: Midnight Feeding Basket even comes with a bib! Their customer service is top notch, their food excellent but their prices are not low. I love their quality and buy items from them all the time for business colleagues, clients and friends. Enjoy