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Jul 28, 2006 08:36 PM

Gift Basket?

Where can I buy a great "foodie" lover's gift basket? This is to celebrate a new baby. Online purchase is great.

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  1. If the recipient likes chocolate, the Jacque Torres hat box is pretty tasty. Well the stuff inside not the box itself. A nice variety of chocolates and chocolate covered things.

    1. Just an idea....

      They have many baskets (the list is to the right of the graphic).

      Check out your options. Most baby baskets DO NOT come with food, so you might want to opt for a basket for "any" occasion. Do a little browsing before you buy.

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        1. Russ and Daughters has some wonderful set gift baskets which can be ordered via their website. But you can also call them and put together items of your own choosing.

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            I have sent Russ and Daughters gift basket to Michigan to rave reviews (sendee was born in Coney Island and was hankering for appetizing).

          2. Zingermans in Ann Arbor has a great basket for you: Midnight Feeding Basket even comes with a bib! Their customer service is top notch, their food excellent but their prices are not low. I love their quality and buy items from them all the time for business colleagues, clients and friends. Enjoy