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Jul 28, 2006 08:04 PM

best dim sum on the fly - sf chinatown

i'm on my own during the day, and want to grab some dim sum to go - what is the best take out joint in chinatown?

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  1. Take out dim sum is always a crapshoot. The plus is that it's usually cheap. The best is probably You's on Broadway, between Stockton and Grant. There is a second shop on Stockton, between Clay and Washington but I don't think it is as good.

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      I'll second You's on Broadway. The pea shoot dumpling with shrimp is fantastic. Baked chashu bow is among the best and they have a very good taro dumpling.

    2. It's not in Chinatown, but the best to get dim-sum-to-go is at Yank Sing in SOMA. About a 20 minute walk from Chinatown.

      1. You have a myriad of choices. It would help to know where you start from and how far you like to walk, but I agree with the You's on Broadway. Their turnover usually insures freshness, potions are good, and quality is decent. Mon Kiang, two doors up towards Stockton is also a good option, but you have to be a little more committed, as the dim sum is twoard the back of the room and the steamers are uusally covered, so you'll have to get them to show you what they have if you can't speak the lingo (some servers have some limited English). There are a number of other walk-away dim sum options on Stockton and on Washington and Jackson Streets both east and west of Grant, so it somewhat depends on where you want it to be.