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Jul 28, 2006 07:56 PM

Weekend afternoon drinks in LES/Soho

Any ideas for cool places to stop for drinks from after lunch till about 6pm? We'd like to wander, have some snacks and sample some cool bars. Thanks!

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  1. 24 Prince
    Prince between Mott and Elizabeth

    Alley on Rivington between Prince and Spring

    Barolo (just the garden)
    On West Broadway

    Spanish Tapas bar on Crosby

    The Yard
    Soho Grand backyard BBQ, West Broadway

    1. I really love Bar 89 in that area. The drinks are the best in NY, big/strong/a bit pricey, and the staff is really nice. The bathrooms are the main attraction. I'm leaving the surprise......

      1. freemans isnt open that early. loreley across the street is open however.

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          Loreley is great and the have a nice beer garden. I'm there many Sundays in the summer.

          1. re: sam1

            Freemans is open all day on the weekends from 11AM brunch.

            1. i'm not sure if they're open on weekday afternoons, but if they are then les enfants terrible is a good bet.