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Japanese in Ann Arbor?

We are hankering for some good Japanese food this weekend in Ann Arbor. I have heard good things about so many of the restaurants here (Miki, Yotsuba, Totoro, Sushi.com, Sadako...). I am hoping you can help.

We have 2 boys (2 & 4) who are generally well behaved, and don't want to spend too much on a lunch, but don't need super cheap either. Any advise on a good semi kid-friendly japanese place that won't break the bank?


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  1. Godaiko, on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. south of I-94. Big, convivial place where kids should be fine. Two-for-one roll specials every weekday. Good spider rolls, which are always a kid-friendly item (maybe I'm just a big kid).

    1. We tried to go to Godaiko, but unfortunately it was closed for Saturday Lunch. In a round about way, we ended up at Miki. Very good food, and great service, but overpriced. I doubt we will return, even though the only negative was that the price was about 20 - 30% higher than we thought it should be for the food.

      1. I completely disagree with you about Miki. I was an Ann Arbor native and moved to the West Coast. Came back to Ann Arbor for a wedding and wanted someplace close to our hotel.

        Went to Miki. This was on a Friday night. Fish had that slimy mushiness indicating that it was not very fresh. It was actually pretty disgusting sushi.

        In the past, Godaiko was pretty good. Yotsuba on Washtenaw (ex-Miki owners) is also pretty good.

        1. There is also a newer restaurant called Cherry Blossom on State St. near I-94. I have not tried it, but here's a really nice review...


          I'm definitely tempted to try this place out soon.

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            I work in the industrial park across State from Cherry Blossom. They subsist on the business crowd from south of I-94 for lunch. Huge place with not a lot of people there. The food was good, I liked the variety, you're not stuck with just suhi and the sobas and udons. I actually have not had the sushi there yet, I have gone for the zbento and the sukiyaki etc. They have been good.

          2. I've lived in AA since 1979 and have yet to find a Japanese restaurant worth my patronage. So I'll follow this thread and maybe try some place new - if I see someone who raves about a place. Miki's I'm familiar with.

            1. Since my original post, we have been to Godaiko a few times. The food is consistantly good, and while there may be better purist sushi out there, I always leave Godaiko having really enjoyed the experience as a whole. I had a lunch special there about a month ago, that blew me away. It is probably my favorite (of my limited experience) Japanese in the area.

              1. Just got back from Godaiko. What I had there was excellent, but there wasn't much of a choice. The had limited udon choices. No shabu shabu, no sukiyaki, very sparse main course choices. I guess the idea is to hit the sushi and sashimi hard. The chirashi looked awesome. I had the Bento box and the sushi was terrible, it was just fake crab in a hand roll. The sashimi was awesome, very fresh, just salmon, tuna, and butterfish. Tempura was great, but anything fried has to be great. The beef dish was good and the grilled salmon was great. My mom had unagi, grilled eel. It looked incredible, she loved it, she said it was the best she'd ever had. The Miso shiru was sublime. The house salad, horrid. So, pretty uneven. I would go back for the unagi, but I would think twice about going there is I didn't want sushi or sashimi.

                1. It's not in Ann Arbor, but maybe a 20 min. drive in Canton-
                  very authentic ramen dishes
                  (i don't think they have sushi)
                  Matsuchan restaurant
                  Harvard Square Plaza
                  5990 Sheldon Road
                  Canton, Michigan 48187
                  Tel: 734-459-1770

                  Sushi.come on North University is not very good, Totoro on State near Liberty is a better choice or Sadaiko on South University. (All near campus)

                  1. Matsuchan has very limited sushi - some rolls- that are better avoided. If you stick to the sublime ramen dishes, you will leave happy. The fried rice is great too.

                    1. Is the place like the one in Tampopo?