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Jul 28, 2006 07:29 PM

Where to buy a smaller grid to put on top of bbq grill?

the grid thing on mine is too big (things fall through) and i want to just place another metal thingy on top...what is it called and where to purchase? like home depot or walmart, etc.? preferrably somewhere convenient (as in, not a specialty store), as i need it soon. thanks!

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  1. Home Depot has all kind of add-ons for grilling. We have a fish rack which has narrower spacing than the grill, also a veggie rack with same. The best grid for cooking smaller items came in our electric smoker but I don't know where to find one on its own.

    1. Worst case, if you can't find a grill with narrow enough spacing, just use two, place the second one on top of the first, at a right angle to the first, that will create a "grid" of smaller openings.

      1. I've seen those grill toppers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think they have both non stick and regular, but I remember them having holes instead of a grid.