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Jul 28, 2006 07:18 PM

Good eats on the southern ME coast?

I'm taking my daughter to the Saco area for a week. I haven't been up that way in a couple of years. Can anyone recommend tasty, casual places to eat? Neither one of us eats shellfish of any kind, so if it's a lobster pound, it'll need to offer something that is not a mollusk or crustacean.

I love the stuff, really--it just doesn't love me. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Dont know if this will help but there is a great steak place on Rt 1 in wells ME. Its a big red barn, It might be a little to far for you to drive for dinner from the Saco region. But I just thought i would mention it. May be some one who sees this post could come up with the name of the restrurant. Good luck.

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      There's also the Maine Diner in Wells, very good, although they have a lot of shellfish on the menu. But they have a good selection of other things too.

      One of my favorite memories is travelling as a kid in the 1960s with my parents, usually to Maine in the summer, and eating at places like this every night. Roast turkey with cranberries and bread dressing and gravy in the middle of the summer? I thought it was incredible. Nice that you're building the same kind of memories for your daughter.

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        I think its called STOCKYARD, and its excellent, on RT 1 in Wells

      2. This is a real inexpensive family place, but I'd recommend RosaLinda's (near Hannaford)on Rt1. Great for breakfast. Lunch and even decent dinner diner food.

        1. Down in the Hills Beach area is a good little place called Buffel Heads. It's just off the mouth of the Saco on the Biddeford side. To get there go south on Rt9 from Biddeford, take the road that appears to be the entrance to the University of New England, stay on this road for ~3 miles, Buffel Heads is on the right - you'll see it.

          Also in Biddeford is an excellent Indian restaurant called the Jewell of India. Right near the police station. You'll pass it if you make the drive to Buffel Heads.

          For pizza, my family's favorite pizza spot is Alex Pizza, again in Biddeford. About 2 blocks beyond the Jewell of India. Alex has been in Biddeford for ever, so maybe your already familiar?

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            I had dinner last Thursday at BuffleHeads and loved it! The seafood crepes were wonderful, but they also had a few very good non-seafood entrees, etc

          2. The name of the place in Wells is called the STEAKHOUSE
   You can take a look at the menu. Good luck.

            1. Thank you all for the great suggestions--and the good directions. My daughter loves Indian food, steaks, and diners, so you have all hit the nail on the head!