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Jul 28, 2006 07:10 PM

homemade tortillas if you order right

If you want an excellent taco that comes with a hand-made tortilla, go NEXT DOOR to Maria's, on Union and 4th Ave in Brooklyn. Anyone remember the name? It's a hole in the wall right next to Maria's Bistro, a
large mexican place that does a pretty good fresh guacamole. Anyhow, this little mom and pop joint, if you order the home-made corn cakes (tinga something or other) will make the tortilla by hand and put some tasty
stuff in it. Order the one with chipotle chicken, not the spinach. The owner is from Oaxaqua, but also has Puebla roots. This
comes with a warning...the home-made corn cakes (read [tortillas]) are
the only reason I go. I can't remember what they're called on the menu, but you'll figure it out. The ordinary tacos are not spicy enough for me, though the carnitas aren't bad.

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  1. The name is Cafe Mexicano.

      1. what are you talking about? handmade torillas or other antojitos? please clarify

        1. Yes--I was refering to the "tlacoyos." Thank you.
          If you follow squid kun's link above, you'll see them listed under tlacoyos. Again, I highly recommend the tinga, but it's filling. If you want the tlacoyo to function as an antojito, perhaps the spinach w/rajas poblanas is best. Question to those of you who are familiar with tlacoyos:
          In a tlacoyo, does the hand-made tortilla usually function as a shell, the way it does in a taco? Or is it supposed to be more like a sope or pupusa, with filler put in it as it is being made?

          1. tlacoyos usually are formed into little ovals & have a filling inside them- requeson, white bean, & chicharron are common. then they are heated up and topped with a little queso, salsa...yeah like a pupusa but in a different shape.

            and antojito means something tastly- literally little whim. .