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Jul 28, 2006 06:57 PM

Group Staying in Schiller Park, need rec's please

I will be visiting Chicago in late September with eleven other guys in a baseball league meeting. We will be staying at the Quality Inn-O'Hare in Schiller Park, and would like a couple of recommendations.

We are looking for a good deep-dish pizza joint where we could dine in, drink a few beers and have a brief league meeting (basically a discussion over dinner) on Friday night. I'm aware of Gino's East and Malnatti's...just wondering if there are any others. Also, are the other stores for Gino's East and Malnati's any good? We have a great pizza place in St. Paul, MN (the Green Mill), but I wouldn't send people to any of their stores other than the original.

Otherwise, looking for a good pub grub place in the neighborhood for Saturday (we are playing golf in Zion, IL in the morning)...Doesn't have to be anything spectacular---I'm trying to please a broad spectrum of guys here, and some of them aren't all that open minded when it comes to food. Basically just want to avoid ending up at Chili's or something stupid like that.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to visiting your great city again when I am part of a more gustatorily adventurous group.


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  1. Shoeless Joe's is a pretty big sports bar right down the street from your hotel. If you go North on Manheim past the airport to Higgins it's going to be on the northwest corner. Probably a good place to take a baseball team.

    There's also a Lou Malnati's not too far from your hotel either. It's also north in Elk Grove on higgins rd. I've been there many times and the pizza is just as good as any other Lou's. Make sure to get the cornmeal crust for .75 more.

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      Thank you, wakeup23.

      Sounds like it is exactly what I'm looking for.