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Jul 28, 2006 06:42 PM

Oaxaqen Mexican in New Brunswick

Comida Oaxaquena! As a former Rutgers students, I had the pleasure of
dining on great Oaxaquen cuising. Take NJ transit (or the bus from Port
Authority) to New Brunswick, NJ. You'll find a bustling Oaxaquen
community there. Check out Oaqueno Numero Cinqo. They've got great
grasshopper tacos, when they're in season.

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  1. I've never heard of Comida Oaxaquena, and a Google search turns up nothing. Can you provide the address and phone number? Also, can you give us some description of the food served there, as well as prices?

    1. I know there are a couple of Mexican places, including a Oaxaquenan place, not sure of the exact address. Two of them are located in the vicinty of Fire Headquarters, on or near Joyce Kilmer Avenue around Seaman or Handy Street area.

      There are also one or two places on the opposite side of the tracks (no pun intended) off of French Street in the same vicinity, the heaviest concentration of Latin cultures is in this area South-West of the RWJUH Hospital complex.

      Sorry I don't know the names or addresses either.

      1. Sorry about the "Comida Oaxaquena!" blurt. I wasn't giving a name of a restaurant there; I was just exclaiming "oaxaqen meal!" My emotions got the best of me, as I was beginning the post. Check out Oaxaqueno Numero Cinqo. I think it is on Joyce Kilmer Avenue in New Brunswick. I can't guarantee it will be excellent. They were always inconsistent, but I ate there often.

        1. Also check the other boards. We've been spelling Oaxaquena the way it is probably spelled in New Brunswick. The other boards spell it Oaxacan. There are several Oaxaquenos in New Brunswick. I've heard Numero 5 is the best, but I don't know it's address. It might be on French Street. My roommate from college tells me that the name is El Oaxaqueno. In that case, maybe this will do:
          El Oaxaqueno Restaurant
          260 Drift St , New Brunswick, NJ
          Phone - (732) 545-6869

          I think the above address is for Numero Dos, by the way. Robert Sietsema of The Village Voice wrote a review of it once, and talks about it in his NYC guide to "Cheap Ethnic Eats."

          1. Okay, here's what should be the address for Oaxaqueno 5:

            OAXAQUENO 5
            206 French Street. New Brunswick, NJ 08901.
            phone number (maybe): ( 732 ) 214 - 1551

            If you're looking for something unusual, such as grasshopper tacos, call ahead and ask (preferably in Spanish) if they have them. Good Luck!