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Jul 28, 2006 06:39 PM

Hooper's Chocolates in Oakland - store closed

On my way to Bakesale Betty's, I noticed that the big sign in front of Hooper's Chocolates said "STORE CLOSED". I've never been or had any, but it seemed like an Oakland tradition.

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  1. I recently saw this and was so sad. I have fond memories of getting everything gummy there as a kid. If I remember correctly, there where glass apothecary-type jars all over filled with all kinds of chocolates and candies. I remember eating pounds of gummy bats, fruit salad, spaghetti, you name it.

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      1. This is sad, especially coupled with the long demise of the ORIGINAL Kasper's hot dog stand across the street (and down a ways toward Oaktown).

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          I was driving by there yesterday and thought the same thing. I saw the big 'for sale' sign on the property and then looked across the street to the closed Kaspar's.

          Never did make it to Hooper's. I tried at Easter time and they said they were closed permanently.

          Before the website goes, here's a last look for any fans.

          You can also take a virtual tour.

          1. re: rworange

            Sentimental loss, maybe, but the chocolate was never anything to write home about.

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              just checked and the website is still up and the links above work.

              1. re: zippo

                Yes, those particular links still have the original info.

                But if you go to , it will take you to the home page of Windsor Confections, "gourmet chocolates with a mission".

                Looking forward to trying it.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I believe that one of the missions of Windsor is to aid those affected by autism as noted in their links on their site and mentioned to me by the gentleman at the counter at Hooper's. Sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor.


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            1. Hooper's is open. I was in the store last Saturday and bought half a pound of 'bloopers' for $4. Haven't opened it yet but I'm told that they are mostly truffles. They should be open for the holidays but I don't know the hours. Believe that they are being operated to benefit a charitable organization. The samples I had were mighty good.

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              1. re: zippo

                Wow, my grandfather used to buy Hooper's bloopers. He didn't have much $ to spare, and loved the price. Sounds as though he still would. (This was, maybe, 30 years ago.) Thanks for reminding me-- especially around Thanksgiving.

                1. re: zippo

                  I heard a few years back that Hoopers was bought by a some VC types or investors wanting to bring it national, or just make chocolate. I could be wrong but no, I'm not confusing it w/ SB. The closure might have been related to the transition...or not.